Gluten free bread in breadmaker

HI, I've just made a loaf following the instructions in my breadmaker recipe book, it was so sweet I couldn't eat it, (2 tablespoons sugar and some cider vinegar).

Does anyone know of a recipe for a less sweet loaf I can make please,

The only recipes I can find are for a normal size loaf but I have a Lakeland compact breadmaker which only uses 320g of flour.

Thank you x
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    If you find it too sweet, try again and cut the amount of sugar by half.

    If still too sweet, cut the sugar agian by half and set the breadmaker to dough and, when it's ready, chop the dough into pieces, shape and form rolls, leave to rise for about 90 minutes and bake in oven as normal - they take about 15-20 minutes or so at 180 depending on how well done you like them.

    Not done gluten free in breadmaker but the above should work, try it.

    EDIT 2 tablespoons sugar seems a bit much to me, one teaspoon is all I would use.
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    I use a gf bread mix and don't have to add extra sugar. I'm guessing there's enough in the mix plus there's milk powder which is probably sweet too. Try less until you get the balance'll be worth it
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    Thanks for your replies, I have cut the sugar by half, left out the cider vinegar and it tastes much better, there is no milk powder in this recipe but I will see how it is toasted. Thanks again x
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