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MSE Poll: How much of your shopping is now online?

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Poll started 30 July 2019
Earlier this year, a committee of MPs warned that city centres are in danger of becoming 'ghost towns' due to the success of online retailers.

So how many of you still shop in stores vs online? (Count click-and-collect as online shopping.)
Did you vote? Are you surprised at the results so far? Have your say below.

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Thanks! :)


  • PasturesNewPasturesNew Forumite
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    Most of mine is in store, locally, for cash - because the majority of my money is spent on food. If I want other things I'll research online to find a shop within 20 miles that sells them, then go in and buy it.

    It's very rare I buy anything online. Only for unusual/one off/large things where the availability is only online, or the price makes it the only way to buy that thing affordably.

    I like to see what I'm getting and take it home with me to use/have immediately in the main.

    As for the local High Street, they've little to offer. I prefer those retail parks where you get 3-4 shops you can visit in one go, especially if 2-3 of them might have what I'm looking for. Local High Street shops are, in the main, not used by me due to traffic queues and paying for parking.
  • MovingForwardsMovingForwards Forumite
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    Food/general clothes/general footwear/furniture from local shops.

    Party dresses / designer shoes / books from eBay.
  • db2016db2016 Forumite
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    i chose over 80% as option in my 25-34 age range.

    in truth, aside from food i'd say its 95%+

    town is busy, its a bus ride away, and i have difficulty walking so, combining all those factors (me having a "good day" able to walk around in crowds etc) is a very rare occurrence.

    last time i went into town was to get some shoes, 2 weeks ago.

    before that it was probably 4+ months before and that was only to buy a birthday card, and was passing through town on a connecting bus.
    before then i'm certain it woulda been a year or more (excluding food).

    online is just more convenient. i am male, therefore i do not see the point in window shopping!

    i would only go to shops now for a big purchase, and to "showroom" it. because quite simply online vs stores, they dont have to pay electricity (well not as much for a given size). they dont pay to keep the lights and tills on, they dont pay high rents / pay for the display shelves or as much staff.

    online is king, i have been saying this since the very first purchase i made online (with parents card) aged about 14-15 (im 33 now)..

    i do however buck the online only trend with cash, i go monthly, withdraw cash i need for the month or so. and use cash whenever im food shopping or out for meals / drinks etc.

    which i know is unusual for my age range / people in general. i like the feeling of knowing i have £300 in wallet and every purchase i have to go in to get a note and get change back etc and i can see it reducing.

    no tap and go (and then wonder where the moneys gone) here! i feel more aware having that extra step of having to count money out and hand over rather than a thoughtless tap / digits on a screen.
  • NaughtiusMaximusNaughtiusMaximus Forumite
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    Food, toiletries etc - about 10% online
    Clothes - around 50/50
    Gardening / DIY stuff - also around 50/50
    Everything else - over 95% online

    Personally I've never liked shopping on high streets or big shopping centres, I don't like the crowds, the noise, the hassle of getting there and back, the chuggers and I especially dislike pushy sales staff.
  • MurphybearMurphybear Forumite
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    Food 100% from shops.

    Other things probably 90% online. That’s because my market town in a rural area won’t have 90% of what I want.

    The 10% is probably from TKMaxx or Clark’s Shopping Village
  • 20SmthngSver20SmthngSver Forumite
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    Ironic that it's the two youngest age groups that are doing their peers out of work by not using shops or high streets. Online is killing employment, and in turn, taxation need to pay for services. An online only world is very depressing.
  • db2016db2016 Forumite
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    its progress!

    and no one is saying online only world, but if the high street doesn't compete then it doesn't compete.

    unless your on here for a vastly different reason to the rest of us, price is king!

    its money saving expert, not moral compass expert
  • Since I injured my back, nearly all my shopping is online.
    I go to Waitrose for my 'yellow sticker' bargains and Poundland occasionally for bits and bobs.
    My 'local high street' has nothing there anymore and travelling to Oxford Street is too far.
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