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E: 07/07 Win a VIP Wimbledon Experience, worth £7,200

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E: 07/07 Win a VIP Wimbledon Experience, worth £7,200

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[STRIKE]This was sent to my by email but I haven't managed to enter it yet as it doesn't seem to submit..! :([/STRIKE]
See bigbloke45 post below!

Prizes: There are three (3) prizes on offer consisting of
Prize One:
Two (2) tickets to assist The Championships, Wimbledon, on 14 July 2019, as
up to a total value of £3,600 (excluding VAT) per person (£7,200 excluding
VAT in total), plus travel and accommodation.
Travel includes two (2) round-trip economy-class plane or train tickets from
anywhere in the United Kingdom to London, at Ralph Lauren’s discretion, with
arrival on 13 July 2019, up to a total value of £800.
Accommodation includes one (1) night double-room stay at a (minimum 4
stars) hotel in London for two persons on 13 July 2019 up to a value of £500.

Prize Two:
Two (2) piecesof the Ralph Lauren Distinctly Wimbledon Collection (maximum
value of the first piece: £799; maximum value of the second piece: £299) to be
selected online and shipped to the Winner.

Prize Three:
One (1) Wimbledon Lunch at Ralph’s Coffee & Bar, redeemable at the Ralph’s
Coffee & Bar located at 173 Regent Street - London, valid for two people and
up to 31 December 2019, for a total spend of £100 in one transaction only.


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