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Trying to start over

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    CamomileCamomile Forumite
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    Basic tomato sauce: Brown an onion, add chopped 1 large carrot, 2-3 celery sticks, and 2 tins of chopped toms, season (sugar, salt, pepper), cook and blitz with blender. This is the basic tomato sauce for ragu which you can use in lasagne, cottage pie, bolognese.
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    I agree with Camomile - for the ASD food issues the blender is your friend. If you make sauce for spag bol for instance and the rest of the family don't want something that looks like tomato soup on their dinner then just remove a portion and blend for the ASD person. My son has had food issues relating to texture all of his life. He's 14 now and eats a lot more than he used to but smart price chicken noodles are still a favourite.

    The only veg that he will eat if he sees it in his dinner is mashed carrots but he's been eating all other veg since he was weaned. He knows I hide his veg and says that's fine. My friends asked me what I'd do when he was older - the answer was that if he moves out, he can take the blender :rotfl:

    The other interesting thing is that he doesn't like the texture of most meat but will quite happily accept supermarket veggie substitutes. It doesn't have to be quorn although he will eat that. The supermarkets own stuff will do fine so that is what I use if I'm making spag bol/chilli/lasagne. He does eat chicken now although he didn't until he was about 9. He prefers pasta meals to most things and I don't always want that but pasta can be cooked in advance, kept in the fridge and heated through with some kind of passata based sauce. These days he is capable of doing that himself.
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    janb5janb5 Forumite
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    Hi Bubbleandpop- hope you come back here alter today to let us know how we can help with what you`ve currently got.

    I knew this forum are totally there to help out - some fab suggestions there. : )

    More importantly no one is judgmental...pretend we`re your next door neighbours!
  • janb5 - Yes, I'll be posting what we have today - I don't think we have anything to make a meal though, just parts of it.

    thriftwizard -Thank you so much for your post, I found it very reassuring and feel a lot more like I'm able to do something.

    rach_k The kids will eat chilli and Bolognese etc. I usually throw a sauce in though, once I've browned the mince (usually Quorn)

    Camomile We do have a freezer, yes. We have a lot of shops near us actually; Tescos, Sainsburys, Asda, Waitrose, Iceland, Lidl, Aldi, Farmfoods, a few Co Ops and Costcutters. Farmfoods send leaflets through the door, however My DH thinks they wouldn't work out any cheaper, so we haven't been in there for a looong time (few years)

    Cranky40 Supernoodles are a favourite for my son too! He would eat only that and pizza if he could.
  • We do also have a few bargain shops near us, however don't take advantage of them, as it's easier for me to do the shopping all under one roof.
    So, we have a Family Bargains, B&M, Wilkos, Savers, Pound Stretchers, Poundland, etc. I don't know if they're cheaper than the supermarkets for toiletries or cleaning products?
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    BubblesandPopBubblesandPop Forumite
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    OK - I finally tackled the list :eek:
    I pulled everything out of the freezer, and went through the cupboards and fridge,
    There is a lot of stuff in there that I'm not sure of. Some I've bought with good intentions, and they've just sat in the cupboards or freezer for months whilst I ignored them.
    Like the risotto rice that's unopened, or the beef joint that has what looks like freezer burn ( does that need throwing?)

    Anyway, here is the list:

    Inside the freezer..
    Chicken Wings
    Beef Topside
    Pork Chops
    Rump steak
    Lamb chops
    Mango, coconut & lime chicken mini fillets
    Sirloin Steak with peppercorn sauce
    Salmon fillets
    Basa fillets
    Chicken sausages
    Green beans
    Vegan Sausage rolls
    Meatfree meatballs
    Quorn pieces
    Vegetarian Quarter pounder
    Quorn mince
    Red pepper and butternut squash sausages
    Quorn sausage
    Butternut squash sausages
    Yorkshire puddings
    Basmati rice
    Beef stew
    Tikka masala sauce
    Bake at home rolls
    Pitta breads
    Naan breads
    Mini brioche rolls

    Inside the fridge..
    Chesnut mushrooms
    Italian salad

    Inside the cupboards..
    Sweet potatoes
    Jarred olives
    Pinto beans
    Harricot beans
    Chopped tomatoes
    Tuna chunks
    Pink salmon
    Tuna chunks
    Baked beans
    Corned beef
    Fruit cocktail
    Pinapple slices
    Naan bread
    Risotto rice
    Jasmine rice
    Lasagne sheets
    Pudding rice
    Long grain rice
    Dried apricots
    Plain and self raising flour
    Porridge oats

    That's about all of it :D
  • After reading this list back, I have to confess that a lot of this stuff usually goes to waste, or sits in the kitchen and I'll ignore it.
    I know that's not good, just we buy the food for lovely recipes we've seen, and then end up buying something quick to throw in the oven instead.
  • janb5janb5 Forumite
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    Wow you`ve got more a lot to play with.

    How about printing off the list and working out a weekly menu that the family will eat using Thriftwizard ideas for anyone who doesnt like the choice.

    Are you both working and how long have you got till payday?

    I`m thinking you could easily manage this. If there any recipes you get stuck on we can talk you though it if that helps
  • BramblingBrambling Forumite
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    The beef will still be ok to eat so don't throw it away, I would eat it sooner than later to avoid more freezer burn. You've plenty of things to make a risotto either meat, fish or veggie don't bother standing stirring the stock in but look for a microwave risotto recipe there are plenty on line. Peas, sweetcorn or mushrooms would work well and you could serve with the sausages different variety to suit. If you want to stretch the salmon chop it up small and stir it through the cooked risotto the heat will cook the fish and you don't need one portion pre person
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  • Hello janb5 - thanks for coming back today and looking for the list :)
    I agree it is a lot of food - I haven't been into the freezer for ages! Not properly anyway, I just grab from the bottom 2 drawers.
    I can't see any meals from the list as it is though, I just don't know what to get to go with it all, and how we're going to manage to make the money we have stretch until the end of the month:(
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