Which is better? Overpay or Save

Hi. I'd appreciate your advice.

Options are overpay mortgage by £300 a month where interest rate is 1.99% or;

Put £300 a month in to a regular saver where interest rate is 5% (and use lump sum to overpay mortgage at end of 12 months)

What do you think?


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    Mathematically, saving at 5% is better.

    People don't behave with mathematical precision. Ask yourself:
    * Will you keep that money in the regular saver?
    * Will you really apply it to your mortgage at the end?
    * Will you feel better if your savings balance is higher, or your mortgage balance lower?

    If you think you will stick to the plan, you should save at 5%. If you think you might be tempted to take money out of the regular saver and spend it frivolously, apply it to the mortgage where you can't access it as easily.
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    Thank you - I struggle to work out the maths.

    Yes, I have track record of sticking to the regular saver so that sounds like the best option.

    Last time I used it to pay £3698 off the mortgage (after 12 months). Although it is nice to see the mortgage come down.

    thank you
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    If you know you wont dip into it, then the 5% savings rate is much better than the 1.99% you're paying
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    kparky1 wrote: »
    Thank you - I struggle to work out the maths.

    Where do you have the problem?

    Each £1 either saves £1.99% or earns 5%
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    Great. thanks for the confirmation.
    I'm going to set regular saver in the morning
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