Mortgage Free - What Now?!

Finally got there - and of next month mortgage free! :j

So question is - what next? Where do I put that £750 I'm saving each a month?

My wife and myself are 44, have our own business (just the two of us) and two little girls (10 and 8).

So looking to the future we don't have a great pension or any other properties. That said we also have savings of around £50k.

Any advice on what to do next, invest in, buy a rental property etc then please pile in. Would love to retire at 55 - but is that realistic?

Feedback or thoughts are more than welcome!


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    Retiring at 55 depends on lots of factors, but the most important 2 are the ratio of savings to expenditure, and the amount of savings, in pensions and in post-tax funds you have.

    If you've not got much of a pension, then taking advantage of the tax breaks available is frequently a good starting point. If you post in the savings and pensions board with a lot more detail, someone will be able to advise.
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    Congratulations! And good question!

    I'm going through the same debate myself. Only difference is that we don't have any significant savings so we are going to build that up for a few years and then possibly buy a second home.

    Iv not fully made by mind up on pensions
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    Thanks NorthernMonkey I'll reach out on a thread over there and see what they advise.

    Fresh Cotton - nice to see we are not alone! So what advice have you been given? We are just here to see what others have done and what's work/not worked for them. Looking to put a plan together based on other peoples experienced and recommendations! So where are your thoughts at the moment?
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    We are aged 34+39, My partner is a teacher and has been paying into a teachers pension from the start so we will always have that.

    Once the mortgage is paid off, I want to put away £1100 away each month for retirement (which is a third of our take home pay).

    Much of the advice I have been given is that I should be putting money into a pension, and of course the tax relief is attractive.

    My initial thought was to put £700 each month into a private pension and £400 into a stock and shares ISA. The advantage is that I can then just let them run over the years without having to think about it or worry too much. I think this is also a low risk option (but I might be wrong)

    I then thought it would be pretty nice to have a second home, which I could use and which could be a clever investment. However tax wise, this has drawbacks (CGT, Stamp Duty etc).

    What puts me off a second home is the hassle of it. For example, dealing with possible tenants and having two properties were the boilers can bust in the middle of winter. A second property also means a second mortgage and the 'overpaying bug' that would kick back in.

    So as it stands, my plans change almost everyday. My mortgage however doesn't end until December so I have 6 months to make final plans.

    Have you any more ideas?
  • want_to_savewant_to_save Forumite
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    Congratulations, when we went mortgage free we split the monies between pensions and S&S ISA
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