MSE Poll: How much do you spend on your pet(s) per year?

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Poll started 21 May 2019
They may provide love and joy, but keeping a pet doesn’t come fur free. Whether you’ve a Kitty, Rover, Tabby or Nemo we want to know how much ewe spend on your pet(s) purr year, including on food, insurance, vet costs, clothes, toys, dog walking, kennels or owt else.

Please vote in the relevant categories (or dogegories) depending on the pets you have. If you have more than one of a type, please do the cost PER pet.
Did you vote? Are you surprised at the results so far? Have your say below.

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Thanks! :)


  • Murphybear
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    I’d be interested to know what the “other pets” are ;)
  • jackieblack
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    edited 22 May 2019 at 6:45AM
    Murphybear wrote: »
    I’d be interested to know what the “other pets” are ;)

    At a guess, this would include mice, rats, chinchillas, degus, ferrets and other ‘small furries’, spiders, chickens, sheep, goats and alpacas, amongst others.
    I also have a friend who has an African Pygmy Hedgehog...
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  • lkane0
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    We have 2 cats, and saved a lot of money by using the Pets at Home companion care.
    Before, we’d pay c.£50 for an annual check-up, and c.£30 for Bravecto every 10 weeks, plus working tablets so about £200 a year +.
    Under the plan, that’s all included for £10 a month. Not only does it spread the cost, but works out much much cheaper!

    When we lived in a different area of the country, our independent vets offered something similar, so you can use the cost saving and still support independent vets if you’re lucky!

    Then we save £10 a month into a savings account, instead of insurance, for the unexpected vet visits. Just one so far in 5 years since we gave up the insurance (touch wood).
  • donny-gal
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    The cost of insurance is one big cost factor for dogs, and at the moment the cost is Sky-rocketing, whether it is vets charging much more, or more advanced treatments, but it is putting many notable to insure their animals. Maybe could do with a MSE investigation.
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