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Financial Associate and Sole Mortgage Application

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Financial Associate and Sole Mortgage Application

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edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Mortgages & Endowments
Hi guys. Just looking for some advice. I am an eternal pessimist and natural born worrier.

I have a joint account with no overdraft with my boyfriend, which we only opened last year. He has 2 ccjs from 2016 for £400 and £350 which are now almost paid off. He also took a payday loan out last year which is now paid off and is also paying off a logbook loan. All of these are coming out of our joint account. He never intended to be in this position he just didn’t realize how his decisions could impact others.

I am currently looking to buy and I have had an AIP from Santander in my sole name for approx £170k. I have seen a property and am wanting to go ahead with an offer but am now really nervous about Santander declining my app. I have a sole current account that I have had with Santander for 8 years with no problems and also a credit card with them again with no problems. I have total debt of approx £10k and I have a very good credit score according to check my file.

Does anyone think I may encounter problems. I have a mortgage broker and he believes that it should be ok.

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