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Re - Aldermore Mortgage timescale

edited 9 May 2019 at 2:52PM in Mortgages & Endowments
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  • I had extra work docs requested last week too, which were sent yesterday. So still no valuation news nor hard credit check done (do they do one?), just soft check showing on 26th Apr for DIP. Here's hoping for news next week everyone :-)
  • FTBLBFTBLB Forumite
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    We had an email last night from MA to say initial assessment was ok and that valuation has now been booked, not sure when for though. They have ask us for some more information which we have now sent over. On my Experian it is showing 3 Aldermore searches, 1 for DIP, 1 for identity check and another when we put in full application
  • redman1989redman1989 Forumite
    64 posts
    Our Valuation came back with issues - possible movement within the property & concerns with the cracks and slopping on the floors, they've asked for us to get a full structural report and in hindsight some of the issues the valuation report mentioned have scared us off.

    we have found another property which is done up well & cheaper although I'm now being informed my Application will have to start from the actual start which is abit annoying..
  • EjstarEjstar Forumite
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    So apparently Aldermore are taking 5 working days to pick up notes/documents. So I gave them the contact details for my work reference on Wednesday 8th, so they're not due to request reference until next Wednesday. Then it'll be another 5 working days after they receive the reference before they even look at.. so 22nd May if my work miraculously do it the same day.

    It's so frustrating and Ive not even got to valuations yet!!

    Getting in by June seems laughably naive now 😭😭😭

    Ahhhh sorry there was a problem with your survey, even worse you have to start again!!!
  • FTBLBFTBLB Forumite
    7 posts
    We are in a similar situation. Got asked a few questions about p60 and payslips. Got an email from MA on Monday to say it’s taking underwrites 5 working days to look at documents. Got told valuation has been instructed but still haven’t heard anything back from that and that was instructed last Thursday. It’s going to be a long wait I think
  • First property failed Valuation and the Engineers report confirmed too many issues so we opted against, we did have a back up property but was informed we would need a new application to go in for it.

    Update on my second application;

    - Second application submitted - 13/05/2019
    - Valuation Fee paid - 14/05/2019
    - No further docs requested & Valuation instructed - 17/05/2019

    Seems a lot faster than my first application earlier on in the month, they came back with questions the first time round (which we submitted with the application, so that may have helped as it held things up prior).

    As the property is the same value I do think have they used the first application as a reference point as it was very recent.
  • nattybuknattybuk Forumite
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    Well our broker (who has been fantastic) has submitted our application with Aldermore. Nervous isn’t even the word!
  • redman1989redman1989 Forumite
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    Keep us updated NattyB, still waiting for my Valuation to be instructed.

    Spoke to the EA today and they said they had heard nothing, but also they said that last time then the same day I actually received a copy of the Valuation report haha.
  • FTBLBFTBLB Forumite
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    Our valuation was instructed 09/05 and it was completed yesterday. I only found this out as I rang the estate agent today asking if and when it had been completed. Not heard anything from Aldermore about it so hoping that could be a good sign 🤞🏼
  • redman1989redman1989 Forumite
    64 posts
    Would take it as a good sign, when our first one had valuation issues i knew literally first thing the next morning.

    Valuation on the new property was taking place between 8am-9am.. fingers crossed!!
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