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Drowning in huge monthly payments advise please

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  • ValetudoValetudo Forumite
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    If he gets a kick out of you finding it difficult to cope then everyone here will have to make sure you cope.

    Which of the credit cards have interest on them and at what rate? You need to keep paying the minimums on the 0%s or they'll flip back to interest being payable.

    Have you taken a look at Jack Monroe's budget recipes. She used to feed herself and her son on just £10 a week. Even if you can follow a few of those recipes a week you could eat well and spend much less.

    Frankly the satisfaction of you and your daughter moving on without him getting to be smug is the good thing you can look forward to.

    Don't cry, because you are half way to success. It's still poop now, but it was twice as poop before and you are half way to good.

    Don't look at the numbers and think they are high. You can't do anything right now to bring them down dramatically. You just have to balance every single thing that you can. Is there a shop like lidl on a route you already take in the car (to save fuel). Cut out most meat, cut out more expensive cheeses, use mozzarella balls. Eat cheaper fruits and veg. Loads you can do to take control back over what money there is at the moment.

    You one million per cent can do this. You are clearly a bright woman. Just keep plodding on.

    You'll get satisfaction from him knowing one day how great you both are without him.

  • zippygeorgeandbenzippygeorgeandben Forumite
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    Not heard from the OP in a while, I hope all is ok!
    Savings as of July 2020
    Savings account 1 - £15597.36(14081.15)Savings account 2 - £5000(4500.00)
    Current account - £2015.64(4116.53)
    Total - £22613.00 (22697.68)
    Plus £840 (£120 per month between CS/BS) HTB £800
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