Mortgage free by 50 (13 years to go)



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    klew356 wrote: »
    I have a question, sorry to jump on board... i would like to make over payments, can you just make your monthly DD higher and do it that way or do you have to deposit the money
    Depends on your mortgage provider I would think. Suggest you start by asking them or checking their FAQs.
    With mine I can either increase the direct debit or pay a monthly standing order or pay direct in the mortgage zone of the website.
    Let me Google that for you...
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    Quick update for June:
    After a few more payments including a chunk from a redundancy payment now stand at £328k/£395k!

    We had some problems on holiday recently and waiting on an insurance payout so some of that will be applied as an extra payment when it finally arrives...

    On the downside just booked another holiday to make up for the trauma of the last one which isn’t exactly money saving 😂

    I’ve knocked up a statement of affairs and I’ll post it tonight or tomorrow, in case you nice folks can see how I can do this faster.
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