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I paid of my 125k mortgage 4 years ago aged 44, it was my main priority, I'm the main breadwinner in family of 4, housewife don't work.

I work in IT which is a fickle industry, over 40 means you're over the hill, so i was very target driven plus i wanted to get to a stage where i have the upper hand in employment, if an employer is messing around with me i can easy stick 2 fingers up them and leave.

You can also do it, just be focused and don't waste cash on endless holidays/meals etc.

Good Luck


  • MkaaMkaa Forumite
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    On quite low income been able to save a decent deposit, just hope can do same if not better paying off mortgage
  • LeighofMarLeighofMar Forumite
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    Congrats. Thats a great accomplishment. We are doing it for the same reasons. We are self employed so pretty confident we can always work but right after moving in, I was diagnosed with a chronic illness. Even though I'm 15 years younger than my DH, we both agree we want the house paid off in case of complications in the future or if something happens to him, the roof over my head is secured. Lifes just too unpredictable so we are doing it bit by bit. Enjoy your mortgage freedom.
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    Hey, congratulations, we are trying our hardest to remove this albatross from around our necks too. We just passed the halfway point with today's OP and have a little under £71k left, feels strange to see the balance so low. Make sure you post on the mortgage free roll of honour.
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    Great result :)
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