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Hi all
I've been on and off MSE since 2006. In that time I have moved to Australia, completed a degree, and got a job in a field that I love.
We purchased a house 5 years ago in a lovely part of Melbourne, Aus that needed quite a bit of work on it, and we are now half way through that.
One OH, two DDs and one dog in the house with my eldest DD just finished school and looking for work. I'm 41, mortgage is current $560,000 approx with 27 years to go - that is not happening!

I already OP by $1200 a month. I joined the MFin3 thread and just worked out I need to throw an extra $15,000 a year to get to $440,000 in three years.
In Jan, I had an unexpected tax bill, school fees and some spending money for a holiday. I cut down on eating out, drinking, buying a coffee each day and took my lunch to work which saved a lot!

This month I plan to continue to take lunch to work, but also be a bit more organised with food in general. I do have a large bill to pay as DD2 is having braces fitted, plus the car registration is due $800.

Plan on trying to do OT, sell a few bits and just try to be more frugal.
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    Am so jealous... its freezing cold here with the added joy of snow.
    I've found doing the monthly grocery challenge and looking at frugal threads helps me keep a better track of my money.
    Good luck!
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    Welcome. Those are some hefty OPs. Thats great. Best wishes on your mortgage free goals.
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    Great start :)
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