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Hi there,
I was declared bankrupt around 9 years ago (this has now dropped off my credit file)

House Insurance for me is a minefield, a lot of them need to know if you have ever been declared bankrupt....

Admiral have this text in their policy

Please tell us immediately
y If you or anyone living with you is convicted of a criminal offence, has a pending
conviction for a criminal offence, is declared bankrupt or receives an IVA (Individual
Voluntary Agreement)

Now I'm no longer declared bankrupt ... So do I have to declare this to them?



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    It’s all in the wording, if the question were “have you ever been declared bankrupt ?” Your answer would be yes.

    From what you have posted they are only interested if you declare it whilst you are a customer of theirs.
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    Hi yes as sourcrates says it does sound they are saying if you are declared B.R during the policy to let them know........when I went B.R 6 years ago my contents insurance policy had that wording , when I phoned them they cancelled the policy, my trustee called them to explain the circumstances but they would not move.
    However every year since I have used a different provider and if asked always answered yes to the question have you every been B.R
    I have never had a problem since.
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    Same for any insurance, isn't it? I know every year when I renew my business insurance that they ask me. Higher insurance costs is one of the 'hidden' parts of bankruptcy.
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