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Going, going...still going!

edited 29 November 2019 at 9:03PM in Debt Free Diaries
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  • MoneyfordreamsMoneyfordreams Forumite
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    Congratulations :T:T:T
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    … Mortgage £103000
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  • Congratulations!!!! :dance::dance::dance::dance::dance:
  • DancingInTheRainDancingInTheRain Forumite
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    Aww lovely news, congratulations on being debt free :T off to read your diary from the start now for inspiration :)
    01.06.19 Debt £13,636 - CC £8,687, Mum £4,949
    25.07.20 £0 100% Paid - CC £0 Mum £0.
  • PentaclePentacle Forumite
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    WOO-HOO Congratulations!! So amazing and all done through determination and tenacity (and budgeting)! bet you feel top of the world!
  • enthusiasticsaverenthusiasticsaver Forumite, Board Guide
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    I never was very good at resisting peer pressure :p

    The deed is done :D

    Final payment of £320 has been made and I’m having a little solo dance party at my desk.

    :j :j :j Debt free! :j :j :j


    Brilliant news now that has gone. Just make sure you change the direct debit before the 20th December to repay in full. Inspiring diary and so many congratulations on being debt free. Lots of new opportunities now for you now you don't have to shell out £300+ on debt repayments minimum.

    On to the savings now and maybe a savings pot for a small break for you, all paid for without using credit. Probably a good idea to keep the card if you have had it a while and as you say your emergency fund has been depleted so until you build that back up having a security blanket is a good idea.

    What a great way to finish November. Get over to the DFW Roll of honour thread to get your badge.
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  • BabyStepperBabyStepper Forumite
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    I am SOOO pleased for you...yippee!! You did it!! Now you can do anything!!
    Thought you might enjoy a coffee and cake party (excuse the's the only emoji I could find) so here it is. We are all celebrating right along with you!
    Emergency fund £2,900/£10,000
    Mortgage overpayment £50
    £21,228.07 paid off in 22 months
  • I never was very good at resisting peer pressure :p

    The deed is done :D

    Final payment of £320 has been made and I’m having a little solo dance party at my desk.

    :j :j :j Debt free! :j :j :j

    :j:j This is literally the best update!!! Well done BCNS, you absolute legend!!! Enjoy your debt free Christmas :T:beer:
    Wobbling my way out of debt one month at a time

    Credit Card £1,955/£3,161 0% interest
    Loan £662/£23,179 5.4% 7 payments left to go!
    Total £2,618/£26,340 90% PAID


  • DrawingalineDrawingaline Forumite
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    Congratulations :T:T:T:beer::beer:
    Dad 6k
    Offer on house and chain complete 21st July 2020
    Solicitors instructed 23rd July 2020
    Mortgage application 28th July 2020
    Mortgage valuation booked 12th August 

  • southern_chicksouthern_chick Forumite
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    I've been reading your diary from the start but not posted before but just had to stop lurking to say a huge congratulations at becoming debt free :j:T:dance::dance::T I can honestly say I've looked forward to your pay day more than my own to see your debt come down. You have done amazingly well. Enjoy being debt free and definitely treat yourself in a totally MSE way before you start to build up your EF and savings xx
    since finding MSE forum I am debt free, have more NSD than SD always take LTW, have an EF, save for Christmas and bills during the year to pay in full and am slowly working towards being MF :T
  • Thank you all, I'm so, so touched! :D Cakes and coffee and all ;) PD has been rather less enthusiastic :p As I've said before, and will continue to say, there's no way I'd have got the far, in this timeframe, without the support of everyone on here. Thank you. DFW is such a powerful resource :)

    It hasn't really sunk in yet (although I'm not sure how much work I really got done today :o) Very much aware that although the debt is gone, I still need to keep to budget to make sure I don't ruin it all in the first month - I won't feel the benefit until the end of next month, when I'm sorting out January's budget :) Couldn't resist a small edit to my first post though :p

    And so life goes on - today wasn't a NSD, but did score a fab YS bargain - £1.60 pot of hummus down to 10p (which I'm eating just now, slathered over some oatcakes). Might have sneaked a bottle of wine into my basket too, and might be having a glass just now. PD has had some treats too, just because :)

    Cheers! :beer:
    Debt at Nov 2017: £8,619 Debt at Dec 2018: £4,161 Debt at Nov 2019: £0 :)
    Look at you, reading all the small print in the signatures. Your hair is looking lovely today, even if it's a little longer. Suits you.
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