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LesgoLesgo Forumite
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You delete them and they keep coming !!!



  • bluesoozbluesooz Forumite
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    black friday emails I assume! :D

    I went away last week for 4 days and came home to 1000 emails - goodness knows what the total would have been if it was this week I was away :eek:
  • indieindie Forumite
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    I know what you mean, since last night i have had over 700.
  • BlueBellaBlueBella Forumite
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    I've had much less black friday emails this year, prob because of the GDPR. When the emails came regarding that, I took the opportunity to unsubscribe from many newsletters!
    :TA big thanks to all who post and sprinkling lucky dust to all who enter :smileyhea
  • mclarkiemclarkie Forumite
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    Not too bad, only 48 over night :)
  • Funny we all knew immediately what the Aaaaarggghhhh in the title was all about :rotfl:

    I had stupidly expected less (in fact I had expected none at all) Who was I kidding. Just Cyber Monday to look forward to now! :D
  • dontonedontone Forumite
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    I haven't had as many as last year, but they are still annoying.
    Best one I've received though, is 10% off boat insurance. Not idea why I got that one, but it was still amusing.
    Still got stupid Cyber Monday to come. The Americans have got a lot to answer for...
    Be Lucky
    BEST EVER WINS WON IN ORDER (so far) = Sony Camcorder, 32" lcd telly, micro ipod hifi, Ipod Nano, Playstation 3, Andrex Jackpup, Holiday to USA, nintendo wii, Liverpool vs Everton tickets, £250 Reward Your thirst, £500 Pepsi, p&o rotterdam trip, perfume hamper, Dr Who stamp set, steam cleaner.

    comping = nowt more thrillin' than winnin':T :j
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