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Advice for a mattress please

Hi All,

I am looking for some advice please .... any kind of help / suggestions appreciated.

I have to buy a total of 3 bed frames + mattresses - as part of the process, i visited bensons, dreams - where I ended up buying an actigel 800 with a lucia frame for a price of £1000.

I dont know if I was been ripped off, but honestly speaking we liked the bed frame and the mattress.

It became a challenge for me to come to a conclusion for my mattress, in king size.

I have a severe back pain - which I wouldnt say it is just because of my sleeping posture, but may be because of the work I do and how I do it.

so could any one recommend me a better mattress please

I personally liked a tempur sensation cool touch elite 25 marked at 1899 - but its too pricey. may be i can stretch myself to around 11-1200 maximum, but a bit scared if it might cause any issues to me in the future, once I buy it.

my 2nd choice was a flaxby from dreams (soft to medium comfort) but a bit scared that these mattresses may make me too lazy...:D
so which mattress would I be better off both from a price point of view and a comfort point as well? please recommend


  • FadiM
    I wouldn't recommend Tempur from a personal experience, my Tempur mattress doesn't feel good after only 1 year and the warranty they provide doesn't cover that.
    please check Trust Pilot Tempur reviews and you will find a lot bad reviews

    I couldn't place a link because I am a new user :S
  • lindens
    lindens Posts: 2,870 Forumite
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    I love the beds that Premier Inn use and they will sell you one - kingsize is just under £1000
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  • kerri_gt
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    If you have a search there's loads of threads on here about mattress advise but the bottom line is you really need to go and test them for yourself.

    We decided to replace our bed last year (sized up from a double to a king) - went for a cheaper frame to spend more on a mattress and (after trying one out in John Lewis) went for a Simba. We love it - OH had back pain that he thought was from work / posture and then came to realise it was our old mattress as he was pretty much pain free within a week. It hadn't even occurred to us before that the old mattress might be the cause. They also offer a 100 night no quibble returns period.

    However, unlike lindens I'm not a particular fan of the Premier Inn mattresses, they're ok but I wouldn't rush to buy one. So it really is personal taste.

    Don't forget Black Friday is in about 6 weeks so if you can make a choice and hold off til then, you might get a deal on what you want.
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  • meer53
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    I love my Simba mattress too. They will take it back if you don't like it so nothing to lose really.
  • hollydays
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    Do not search on mse- one mattress seller was banned..
  • shalliwait4u
    Thanks for the replies...

    wish i can wait until Black Friday - but have to move out by end of this month....
  • SMCG
    SMCG Posts: 87 Forumite
    Hi. I got one from eBay from a company called Hypnia. They have a website but seem to be cheaper on eBay. I held off till they had a coupon and think I paid about £240. It's a smasher. They are not to be confused with Hypnos.

    I only found out about them from a thread on HUKD. I needed an IKEA size and they happen to sell that euro size.

    When I have some spare cash I will get one for the spare bedroom. That is also an IKEA size so I am limited to where I can buy.

    Hope you get something you like. Maybe you could report back on what you decide?
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