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Dozens of mortgage lenders have agreed common standards to help up to 10,000 borrowers who are stuck on their existing deal - but 10,000s more so-called 'mortgage prisoners' will be left stranded...
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'Lenders to help thousands of 'mortgage prisoners''
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  • boatmanboatman Forumite
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    Turkeys voting for Christmas. Why would those who benefit from customers paying more change it? Tories paid for by Banks. Allow a few to get a new mortgage to make it look like they are doing something, whilst leaving the vast majority stuck in a situation created by the banks in first place.
  • PiernutPiernut Forumite
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    Not exactly the same but I have faced a similar situation recently, being self-employed I had a couple of rough years but was still paying the mortgage off and making £50pcm overpayments as I have a low cost of living.
    Trying to switch to a different bank with a much lower rate and therefore lower monthly payments proved impossible. They were not interested in fact we have always made payments + overpayments.
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