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A northerner's MFW diary

edited 6 July 2018 at 10:03AM in Mortgage-Free Wannabe
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edited 6 July 2018 at 10:03AM in Mortgage-Free Wannabe
I got my first ever mortgage at the end of May and made my first overpayment today by phone.

Hoping to chuck around £200 a month extra at it during the good times (I'm self employed so income can be variable) and then chip away with smaller amounts during more lean times, but I've got the ball rolling and it feels great.

Reading other people's diaries on here is really helpful in reminding me that consistency is key in getting the debt down. Little by little over time creates excellent results.

I've no other debt, so keen to cut into this as quickly as possible and become MF!

So, after the latest payment that, my mortgage is now: £ 227,682.68 from £229,454.00 fewer than two months ago. Tally ho!

:beer: happy friday all :beer:
Mortgage as of 31/05/2018: £229,454.00 :eek:


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