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What you do? Stay invested or pay off mortgage?

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furrygiraffefurrygiraffe Forumite
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edited 9 June 2018 at 8:30PM in Mortgage-Free Wannabe

I consider myself reasonably financially savvy but just wanted to put this out there to hear what you guys think about whether to sell my investments and pay off the vast majority of the mortgage of not

So about me

Married mid 40s

Household income £130k
2xdb pensions worth 20k per year at todays prices
1xdc pension scheme at £250k with £1200pcm contributions. 65/35 vanguard global stocks/vanguard gilts
ISA £41k 65/35 vanguard global stocks/vanguard gilts
£36k employer shares
Mortgage on large detached house in SE £95k @1.1% above base for life. £1400pcm repayment due to be paid off 2024
£4K cash savings
£5k gold and silver coins
No inheritance expected

No other debts

So this is a what would you do question...

should I sell my ISA and employer investments and pay it off the mortgage (leaving one year to paying it off) and then use the £1400 mortgage saving to rebuild those investments OR stay the course and stay invested? What would you do

FYI my inclination is to stay invested


  • edinburgheredinburgher Forumite
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    Any reason why you can't remortgage?

    Is it £40k worth of DB pensions, or £20k?

    If £20k, I'd stay invested, you're going to need £1,500,000+ to provide even 1/2 of your current income in retirement
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