MSE Poll: Have you ever asked for a pay rise?

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Poll started 17 April 2018

Pay is big news, with many bigger companies having to report their gender pay gap.

Normally in the consumer world if you!!!8217;re unhappy with something, you should politely complain. We wanted to test whether this applies in the world of work too.

Have you ever asked for a pay rise (disregarding any company-wide annual rises)? Please select the CLOSEST option to your situation.
Did you vote? Are you surprised at the results so far? Have your say below. To see the results from last time, click here.

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    My work has just taken the half days I didn't work on my phased return from back surgery off my holiday allowance, so I don't think they would be amenable to talking about pay rises.
    (Although I could be wrong, I often am.)
  • indesisivindesisiv Forumite
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    No, everyone is paid on set scales. No pay difference between male and female.
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  • bertiewhitebertiewhite Forumite
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    Yes, many moons ago - I was working as a PCB assembler and a couple months after joining the company I was asked if I would like the job of inspector. I assumed there would be a pay-rise and when it didn't materialise, I asked if I'd be paid more for the extra responsibility.

    The answer was no, so that lunchtime I went to the job centre and handed my notice in a week later.

    I don't have the option to ask for a pay-rise these days.
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