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Postal entries being delivered to me not the comp?

Hi seasoned comper, I have just recently become addicted to entering competitions, I have yet to win but I'm really trying very hard.

I just sent off my first postal entry ones this week, I used the specialised blank postcards you can purchase from post offices.

I put the address it's going to on the right next to the stamp just like you would had it been a holiday type postcard and put my answer to the competition and my contact details on the last where you normally write the "having a great time, wish you were here" rubbish.

I sent 38 out, so far 6 have been delivered to my address and 2 to a house in my street ( they called me as my phone number is on it)

Am I doing something wrong? Or are my local post depot a bit stupid?

Because I have bought alot of these cards I tried putting my details on the side that normally has the picture and no stamp, I still recieved one of these delivered to my house.

Currently when I receive them back I'm resorting to drawing a big square around the stamp and correct address, writing to above it and adding slightly sarcastic arrows that point at both the stamp and correct send to address!

Has anyone else had this issue, is there a solution that doesn't involve spending more money on envelopes to put them in?:rotfl:


  • topaz13topaz13 Forumite
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    Try writing your own details sideways across the card, rather than the right way up. That way the sorting office machines are less likely to read your address in error and should send it to the right address rather than back to you.
  • mjm3346mjm3346 Forumite
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    Make sure your address is actually required before you write it (ITV don't want it) but otherwise it's just one of the risks of postal entry and you don't know how many of the 38 were on their way back to you when it was spotted you were the sender so they were sent on correctly although potentially arriving after the closing date.
  • ness13ness13 Forumite
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    Yes, this is a continual bugbear of mine. I posted 5 postcards on Monday and got 2 of them back on Wednesday. If the address is needed I now write my postcode on two different lines or on the line with my house number just under my name. It has helped most of the time.
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  • gentleorangegentleorange Forumite
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    I always write my phone number underneath my postcode, and also write my details at a 45 degree angle. I do most of the postals and have never had a card returned to me.
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    I have the same problem every now and again, it!!!8217;s not just you.
  • janE1956janE1956 Forumite
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    I also often have same problem despite writing large TO and FROM i was told by a post lady to put a lage x through my name and address but it still happens
  • I have never had one back since I bought shiny silver address labels :) (You know what's going to happen now, don't you! :rotfl: )
  • pate-ci0pate-ci0 Forumite
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    I put the competition address centred on the front with the stamp, then turn the postcard over and 90 degrees sideways and write my details on the back. Never had one back for years.
  • custardycustardy Forumite
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    Just put 2 diagonal lines through your address
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