MSE News: Got an old tenner? You can only spend...

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If you've still any non-plastic £10 notes, beware – you only have until Thursday 1 March to spend them...
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'Got an old tenner? You can only spend it until 1 March'
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    I've kept a paper fiver and paper tenner for the nostalgia.
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    Only until March 1st to spend them.

    BUT what this sensational headline fails to tell you that your bank will most probably take them for 6 months at least after this date .

    Plus the Bank of England on presentation will give you back the face value of notes you send them far into the future.

    The editorial on this site is getting more like the Daily Mail everyday. :eek:
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  • North of the border, older Scottish £5 and £10 notes will also stop being legal tender on 1 March,

    In fact, no bank notes are legal tender in Scotland.
  • Amazing how so many people manage to keep hold of bank notes that they've been warned of long in advance are going to be withdrawn. Personally, and it won't be popular with some sections of society, but the BoE has given the warning. The notes should be withdrawn and should not even be allowed to be exchanged after the date of withdrawal. I can hear the moaning now, but the Indian Government did it with certain denominations of Rupee bank note I believe to battle corruption. If someone or some organisation is holding on to hundreds of banknotes soon to be withdrawn, then give them the incentive to get them cashed in before the deadline date by telling them they will no longer be accepted after the withdrawal date has passed. That'll soon get their rear ends into gear.
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