O/S Daily Tuesday 23rd January 2018

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This is an “over the garden fence” type thread where we chat about everything Old Style and maybe a little bit more. It’s a great, inspiring and motivating thread we start each day to discuss what Old Style things we’re going to do today or what we’ve achieved already. Everyone’s welcome, please do come in, put your feet up (although check the fence hasn’t just been painted first!) and join us for an Old Style natter. The more the merrier!

As this is the Old Style Board, it would be appreciated if posts could include some Old Style content. Please be aware that many people may have small screens, or SLOW internet connections, so please don’t post large pictures, or clip art – links are preferred. When you make a post, if you feel like giving it a title, that will help others that don’t have the time to read everything skim through the thread quickly but if not it's not a problem. Please do not start a new daily thread before you go to bed at night because this often leaves things confusing with two daily threads live at the same time. The idea is that a member would start each new daily thread after they get up in the morning


  • Hollyharvey
    Hollyharvey Forumite Posts: 1,939
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    Morning everyone

    As usual I can’t sleep. I went to bed at 11.30pm and was still awake at 2.00am. I tried to get back to sleep but gave up and read until an hour ago until I gave up, got up and started looking at things on the internet. I expect I shall need a nap this afternoon.

    I went into town yesterday and got some more vegetables to make some different casseroles for the freezer so that I’ve got plenty of HM ready meals. I did a beef stew in one slow cooker, a chicken one in another and made chilli and cottage pie. I was then undecided on which one I wanted for dinner, but decided on chilli as I had naan bread in the freezer that had been there for quite a while.

    While I had the oven on to make a cake for my niece I decided to make some soda bread and scones for the freezer as well.

    Today I need to go to the bank and want to take some curtains in to be dry cleaned. I took them down last summer with the intention of getting them cleaned and never quite got round to it. I had a discount voucher for a local company through the door last week which reminded me. I may as well get them done while I can get it cheaper.

    Hugs to those who are poorly or caring for someone who is and those with troubles/worries.

    Have a good day everyone whatever you are doing.
  • TravellingAbuela
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    Morning HOLLY and all to follow. Sorry you had another bad night. I know how difficult it is to get out of the sleeplessness pattern once it starts. Mr Sandman often forgets to visit me too.

    All is calm outside and it feels very mild already. We are set to reach the dizzy heights of 10 deg today! Not quite summer clothes time yet but a nice change from all the snow we have had. It feels to have been the longest winter with the first snows in November this time.

    We are off to see middle DGD tonight in Cinderella at the Alhambra. This will be her 33rd show of this panto season (it started mid Dec) with just 4 more shows left. She has loved every minute as usual and wants the season to run forever! I don't think DD agrees as she has found this year hard work, what with putting herself down as a chaperone, when not working, and driving back and forth to Bradford in all weathers.

    We are getting the train to Bradford late afternoon and going to Zizzi first for a meal. We got two Zizzi gift cards at Christmas so will use one of those and enjoy a free meal before heading for the theatre. I always get the same in Zizzi - Arancini starter followed by Penne de la Casa. Yum yum! A friend of DD is also going to tonight's show and has offered us a lift home to save us the walk to the station in the dark. That will be most welcome.

    I am not planning on doing a lot before we go. Just a quick dust and vac and a once over of the bathroom. We will only need a light lunch too to save room for our meal.

    Have a good day all and ((HUGS)) as always for the poorlies, carers, sad, worried and lonely. Life is tough on a good few of us just now. Hopefully things can only get better. Take care all xx
    "If you dream alone it will remain just a dream. But if we all dream together it will become reality"
  • System
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    Morning Hollyharvey and all,

    Ive been awake a good hour now.. I didnt have a restful sleep. I had a message from my eldest last night, seems like his demons are taking him over him again. Id guessed all wasnt well as he disappeared for a time but assures me he is getting the support he needs.

    What with that, having a grumpy baby most of the day and telling Prodigal he could only visit between 9 and midday (to lessen the risk of him coming here drunk and agressive), and telling him that outside these hours the gate will be locked and will remain locked, you could say I had a difficult day.

    Ive messaged my daughter in SA. Haven't spoke to her for a while. Ive been putting it off as she's got some strange parenting methods that are coming over on social media that I dont agree with. Mainly her refusal to set boundaries. Still, my own kids have 'issues' so whos to say...but im still finding it hard.

    Enjoy your visit to the Panto TA.

    Onwards and forwards,

    Have a great day all.
  • nmlc
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    Morning everyone

    Hollyharvey - thanks for starting us off x

    Hugs to those that want/need one x

    Happy birthday to those with a birthday x

    Still dark here, still damp everywhere but mild.

    DH up and gone to work stupid early, DS1 now getting ready for work and DS2 still in his pit, will wake him shortly.

    Dinner last night was gammon, egg, chips and peas/veg. Tonight I'm not sure as I forgot to get the meat out to defrost, will have to have a look in the freezer before I go to work and see what I've got - I know I have some veg that could be stir fried or I could do some HM egg and veg fried rice I'll need something to go with it though, maybe fish.

    Work was busy yesterday and we still have staff either have gone sick or still off sick - so we'll see what today brings.

    Mum's home, I spoke to dad just to check on how everything was and did they need anything, and he sounded a bit stressed already, maybe he'd had lots of people phoning, I don't know. I'll be going over straight from work as it's my earlier finish today. I asked if there was anything they needed he said not.

    Keep safe and well x

    nmlc x
  • tiredmum2
    tiredmum2 Forumite Posts: 285 Forumite
    Morning all
    Didn't post yesterday as we went to London for DD2 graduation all went well and she had a great day Mother behaved except for the constant telling us that she could walk and she didn't know why we were getting taxis everywhere despite the fact she struggled to walk up one flight of steps to the toilet . The dinner we had at the Swan at the Globe was lovely and was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone.
    Today we are at DD1s flat as the blind man is coming to fit her blinds and the sky man is coming to install the tv and internet .
    I shall be making a shopping list and going through the freezer and cupboards later as we need to start budgeting again as the pot is now empty and i dont want to waste the extra money we have now that we no longer have uni fees etc to pay.
    Dinner tonight is bangers n mash and the last of the hm apple crumble.
    Hugs to all who need one and extra strength for those who need it .
    Have a great day whatever you are up to x
  • ScarletRibbons
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    Morning all. Still dark of course, but it's much milder, all the snow and ice must be gone, it it was well on the way out last night. Supposed to reach the balmy heights of 10 degrees today, a welcome change.

    I've been awake since about 5ish, quite late for me.
    Went to Lake*and yesterday and bought a telescopic duster, I haven't used it yet though.

    Today, what excitements are on the agenda - exercise class this morning, routine hospital check this afternoon, quiz night tonight.

    Judi, I know how hard it is to say nothing when it comes to parenting methods, I've done the same over the years. One of my family used to get odd ideas from parenting gurus on the internet - they don't do it now, and the child has survived!!

    Nmlc, glad your Mum is home. Hope your Dad will manage.
    TA, have a great time at the theatre and enjoy your meal.
    Tired Mum, you, seem to have had a good day yesterday
    HH, this sleep pattern thing is murder isn't it, sometimes I've been quite desperate with it.
  • I_Love_comps
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    Morning Everyone,

    nmlc Glad your mom is home. Did she come home with a care package in place?

    HollyHarvey Sorry you still cannot sleep properly. I find I need to be in bed before 10,30 or I am over tired and cannot sleep properly.

    Judi Hope your son gets the help he needs.

    Well today I between work I shall be doing paperwork.
    The wm is on so that will need hanging over the rack, also the bed linen needs changing.

    I watched 'Next of Kin' last night on tv. Really interesting to watch, looking forward to next weeks episode.

    Have a good day all x
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  • System
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    Judi, I know how hard it is to say nothing when it comes to parenting methods, I've done the same over the years. One of my family used to get odd ideas from parenting gurus on the internet - they don't do it now, and the child has
    Yeah im sure the children will survive....whether or not they choose or are allowed to wear girls clothes when they are a boy.....

    I just think they have enough problems to face in the world having a disability without having the kids round him taking the mickey cause hes wearing pink clothes..
  • CRANKY40
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    Good morning all,

    TA lovely to hear your son's good news :)

    Wolfie have an extra hug from us.

    Judi when the HT was small there would be 19 action heroes at the dress up party where a party company provided outfits for the children to choose from and one in a dress which was always mine. When he was 7 he announced he was a boy now and that was that. He is now 13 years old, 2 inches taller than me, built like a tank and enjoys rugby. My cousin was the same when he was small and he's married with 2 children so I just let the HT get on with it. None of the other kids ever said anything. Does the child in question have autistic tendencies? Autistic children often present as the opposite sex. I turned my dolls pram wheels into a go cart and would only wear trousers when I was that age.....

    I'm going car shopping today too. My friend rang me last night and asked if I would go with her. I don't want to go but I will. That's put a stop to the decluttering that I was going to do.

    Take care all of you.
  • ancientofdays
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    Morning all, I have had 2 slightly better nights and feel more human for it. I am hoping that the other poor sleepers on here might have the same soon as it makes such a difference. The only downside -a and not caused by sleep or no sleep - is waking with a sinus-type headache, hopefully that will sort itself out.

    Nmlc I'm glad your mum is home. Hope she goes on well.

    Was it silver-oldie or nanny who posted about their mum saying that heir mum had referred to the loss of a child being worse for her as a grandmother? I remember my own mum saying just this when my sister had a miscarriage and I was so appalled by the insensitivity that I can't even remember how I responded. I had a very late miscarriage and later a neonatal death and I can't even imagine what she said to others about that. So you are not the only one.

    I am feeling pleased with myself in a bargain hunting way. I wore out my work shoes, to the point where they could no longer be worn and after work yesterday (I had lots of hours of TOIL so was able to leave early) went to a shopping centre which has a Cl*rks outlet. Not only was it the sale but in addition to the sale price, there was an offer of a second pair for a fiver. So now I have a new pair plus a pair to put away. There is an even better shopping place but about 20 miles away and not easily accessible by public transport. I could ask OH to take me but I don't really think it is worth the intensive grumbling or the prison sentence for killing of spouse in frustration. Or I could simply gird my loins and start driving again but in the years since I drove, the roads have become so crowded and round here, people drive like lunatics and it is all too scary.

    Today I'm working at home on paperwork and later going to the concert, special treat! Possibly the last for a while as there will be no spare money when I finish work. So that will make it even more special. I think there are lunchtime concerts and those are cheaper, have never really investigated that as I've always been at work.

    Wishing everyone the best possible day.
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