Long work days followed by the gym & then sorting tea afterwards (dinner)

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Depending whether you call it tea or dinner :)

I'm just wondering what others here do for those who work long days, say you start at 7am/8am/9am and you don't finish until say 6pm. You then go straight to the gym because you know if you land home first it'll be heating on & feet up. You do an hours workout, maybe more depending on what takes your fancy & then you're home - time to make tea.
You also need to sort dinner (or lunch, depending) for work for the next day, wash up, have a shower etc.

I've just started up at a gym so i'm looking how i could better manage the time. I already prep some work dinners in advance. Sunday i will make dinner for Monday. Monday i'm at the in laws for a roast and there is always left overs so i don't have to worry about dinner on a Tuesday. Tuesday after work i will make dinners for Weds & Thurs and on Thurs i will make them for Friday and Saturday, depending on if my other half is working a Saturday otherwise just a Friday.
As well as this there is making tea for that night. We do have a slow cooker but mushy food (casseroles and the like) night after night isn't really my thing. They are nice here & there.
I wouldn't be planning on going to the gym all 5 weekday nights. At the moment i'm aiming for 2 out of 5 in addition to both a Saturday & Sunday for a total of 4. I may sometimes aim for 3 nights if possible but a Monday will always be out of the question.

Just wondered how people managed their time. Little tips?


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    Quick teas for later on.
    Omelette and baked beans. Stir fry chopping the veg only takes a few minutes. Pitta bread stuffed with salad, meat, dip on the side. Jacket potatoes done in the microwave. Those are my speedy teas of choice.
    Chilli (batch cooked) with naan bread - only takes reheating. Batch cooked casseroles - potatoes can cook while you're in the shower.

    Having said that, you mention there are others in the hous. What are they doing to help with the time management and food preparation?
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    My wife goes first thing in the morning Monday to Friday. That way she has recovered enough to drive me home and cook my dinner in the evening.
  • Slow cooker food doesn’t have to be mushy use a timer.
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    I cook big batches of lasagne, cottage pie etc and freeze it in individual portions. That way I've got 'ready meals' I can just pop in the oven and heat up while I get lunch ready for the next day - I make lunches for two or three days at a time so I only have to do two lunch making sessions a week.
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    Batch cooking as above. I try to eat before a certain time so it is important to have something quickly available. You can cook on Sunday for the week perhaps. For instance, I will boil eggs for the whole week as my breakfast (10 eggs, 2 each day). You can do the same but use it for some salads for dinner along with some smoked salmon/chicken or even lentils etc.
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    How quick does it need to be?

    You can grill chops and makes jacket potatoes in the microwave in under 20 minutes. Stick some veggies on while you're waiting and you've got a meal.

    OH and I used to live a long way from where we worked, for reasons that are too complex to go in to. We prided ourselves on being able to get the fire lit (real fire and solid fuel central heating, so you needed to light the fire for the central heating to work) and tea on the table inside 30 minutes.

    But we worked as a team - as a previous poster said, why is it all down to you? What is your OH doing while you are busy doing all of the stuff?

    Lunches we made the night before - nothing fancy, just sandwiches of ham or cheese with some sort of choccy bikkie, some fruit and maybe a cup-a-soup. Note 'we'.
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    Microwaveable Rice, ready cooked chicken and frozen veggies is my go to post gym meal. No preparation required and ready in less than 5 mins.
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    A slow cooker is for far more than 'mushy' foods such as casseroles. Look up some recipes or buy a book. What is your OH doing to help get the evening meal prepared?
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    Train before work if possible, you will also be fresher and so have a better session.
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    Consider mixing your workouts up. It depends what you can do and what your goals are but...... most people who spend over an hour in the gym spend most of their time either at low intensity or resting/ chatting.
    You can do a very effective HIIT circuit in less than half an hour or a Tabata session in 15 mins including a warm up. Sometimes is a question of quality over quantity.

    As for food how about steaks, stir fry or oven baked dishes. First two are quick and oven cooking means you can bring it in and leave it whilst doing something else.
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