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I am feeling quite chuffed and you guys will understand.

We have just completed on our last 2yr fix, so all being well we will be mortgage free Dec 2019,

almost 16yrs early.

Even had a little celebration at home with a bottle of Prosecco and slice of cake.
June 2011 £145,943.13
Dec 16 £74,537; Feb
Aug 17 £59,399.96
Nov 19 £0.00


  • Superb news! I put in for my final 5year fix yesterday (was tied in until then so couldn't do it earlier) but haven't had confirmation of it yet.
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    That must be so exciting! :D
  • obayobay Forumite
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    16 years early? How much was the outstanding balance? And how much was you throwing at it per month?
    [STRIKE]1/12/16 - £152,599.00 [/STRIKE]
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    Great result!
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    I was giddy with excitement is that silly lol.


    we have just over £56k left have reduced the term to 5yrs but will be oping £500 and have two regular savers that will mature adding to the pot.

    Still keeping our emergency funds topped up.

    With the new fix we can op as much as we want penalty free which was a massive draw.

    We have been fortunate in some respects OH is on a decent wage I work p/t but get plenty of overtime to bump up my salary.

    Each time we have remortgaged we have also been able to pay off a small lump sump helped by sad to say some inheritance.
    June 2011 £145,943.13
    Dec 16 £74,537; Feb
    Aug 17 £59,399.96
    Nov 19 £0.00
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