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Solar battery questions

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edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Green & Ethical MoneySaving

I am in a very similar position to the person who started this thread.

My house has a 3.92 kW PV system, installed by the house's previous owner. It was installed in 2011 so I benefit from the high FIT payments. The house also has an ASHP and an Immersun diverter.

There is a detached double garage with a south-east facing pitched roof, which would be a good site for additional solar panels and a battery system. The additional solar capacity would be useful for charging an electric vehicle during the day, and the battery system could be used to power the ASHP at night. I'm not planning to install an additional system right now, but I am going to upgrade the garage's electrics and will need to run an electrical conduit through the garden, so it would be useful to now more about how such a system could work if it is installed in the future.

When you are using a PV + battery system, does the system need a sensor attached to the electric cable that enters the house? I assume that the system needs to know when the house is importing or exporting power, so that it knows whether to charge or discharge the battery?

If there was a PV + battery system in the garage, would it only be able to charge the battery using the garage's solar panels, or could surplus power from the house also be diverted to the battery?

From what I've read on other threads, I understand that I could keep receiving the 50p/kWh FIT payments for the existing system, but would not get any additional payments for the additional solar panels. Is that correct?
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