Too good to be true


I wondered if anybody had signed up to and has any feedback

It seems too good to be true, and that always makes me suspicious although I admit I am a pretty cynical person

I've signed up for free and am entering loads of comps (although I haven't won anything yet) I haven't had any issues but I''m sure there must be a catch, just haven't figured it out, has anyone had any good or bad experiences with them?


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    1) Many competitions include a standard term where they will not accept automated entries and/or you must enter yourself. If the promoter can detect that it is prizemaster entering on your behalf you will be disqualified (DQ'd). You could even be blacklisted.

    2) A quick look at their list of comps tells me that some of them have also been posted on MSE. If you enter from MSE as well you will have made 2 entries and again, you could be DQ'd.

    3) Even if prizemaster looks after your details, you have no control what the comp promoter does with them. It could lead to excessive SPAM.
  • Thanks you guys, so there's nothing shady about it I just need to make sure I don't do duplicate entries!

    You have to pick which you want to enter on Prizemaster so I think I'll stick with it, I'm into competitions coz I want to win not because I enjoy filling in the paperwork!
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