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bad mortgage advise

We have built a new house. We went to sort out a mrtgage before we started the build, the advisor told us that if we could get to the stage of a toilet and sink we could get a normal mortgage rather than a self build mortage with higher interest rates. So we started the build thinking we could get to this stage. The cost of the build was more than we thought, so we used Credit Cards and took a loan out to get to the stage where we thought we could get a mortgage. This was not the case, I needed a completion certificate, which involved borrowing to finish the house. We completed in July and it is now September, I have been to a different mortgage advisor and she as tried 6 different mortgage companys and no one will give us a mortgage as we need to have lived in the house 6 months,also they wont lend to pay back credit cards. My credit score as gone from very good to very bad. I am suppose to change my car in 4 weeks and wont be able to do this either. Is there anything I can do.


  • I think you need some more professional advice...I don't feel qualified to help
    Original mortgage £154,850 (2013)
    Mortgage now £148,370.15:beer:

    Original savings £0 (2013)
    Savings now £3000 in ISA and premium bonds
    £60 in mini savings pot, £600 in Xmas vouchers
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