If i die what happens

Hi All
I have my solar panel contract in my name only and not in my wifes name.
If I die what happens to the fit payments. can the children inherite them.


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    Provided that the installation is registered for FIT payments, there's nothing to stop that entitlement transferring to the new owner of the system. It's just like if you sell the house to someone else.
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    It was just a musing in the head.
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    gefnew wrote: »
    If I die

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    If I die what happens [/QUOTE]

    You either get burned, or eaten by worms - neither of which is much fun if you're not completely dead.
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    Looks like the thread's going a little surreal ... so why not ... :D

    Bring out your dead!
    Here's one ....nine pence?
    I'm not dead!
    Nothing ...here's your nine pence
    I'm not dead!
    Here ... he says he's not dead!
    Yes, 'e is
    I'm not!
    He isn't
    Well, 'e will be soon, 'e's very ill
    I'm getting better!
    No, you're not .... you'll be stone dead in a moment
    Oh, I can't take him like that ... it's against regulations!
    I don't want to go in the cart! ...
    Stop whingin' dad ... I want your FiTs
    Well, why didn't you just say sooner son ....
    :eek: ...

    gefnew ... don't worry too much, it's only one of an infinite number of possible timelines .. ;)

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