What was my house worth on 01/04/91 - a year after a sale?

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My house is in band E. it was sold a in March 1990 for £92,000 which puts it at the bottom end of band E. However as house prices fallen in the space of a year and it's house value on April 1st 1991 that's relevant I think my house may have been placed in the wrong band.

The valuation agency will not accept the house price index calculator on Nationwide which thinks it was worth £85,500 a year later placing it in a band D. Properties upto £88,001 a band D.

The VOA said they don't think the value would have fallen much in a year but £4,000 isn't really much of a drop anyhow to be placed in band D.

A tricky one as it's borderline but looking at the properties around me it fits better with a band D than band E.

Had anyone been in a similar position and how did you find out the value for April 1991 to appeal with the VOA?

I'm wondering if there are any surveyors that specialise in this who have access to the relevant information for this purpose.


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    It will depend on the part of the country the house is in, but a 10% fall from March 1990 to March 1991 was quite typical.

    The only people with ready access to all sales information (apart from the Land Registry) is the VOA, but they are prohibited from disclosing this information except when required for a Valuation Tribunal
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