What did everyone win in July?

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After a veeeeeery dry 2017 so far, I actually had two wins in July!

£100 cheque from That's Life
Versailles season 2 Box Set

Hopefully this means my luck is on the up now and the coming months will be less dry!

How did everyone else do?



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    BlueyezBlueyez Forumite
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    Like many, not doing too great this year. One win for me this month
    -A years supply of sunny D (Vouchers) FB (yet to arrive)
    good luck for next month guys! :)

    * They arrived, 52 vouchers!
    2018 wins-12wins
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    Just one win for me this month;
    £10 from the Peoples Postcode Lottery
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    4 books from Goodreads
    2 Children's books (I work in a school so these are perfect to donate to the classroom library!)
    The invitation - Book
    Girls guide to summer - Book
    'Uplifing eye syrum'
    Public Enemy series on DVD
    £50 iTunes Giftcard

    Good luck everyone - Hope August is fruitful for you all :)
    August Wins:

    Best Win in 2020:
    Antler Suitcase, Weekend Bag and £200 of haircare
  • TechnoflumpTechnoflump Forumite
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    I thought I was on the way to a dry month but in the past week won two C2W's.
    First won a book which I don't remember entering, probably clicked it once by mistake.
    Then won a Braun travel hairdryer and straighteners.
  • KennylouKennylou Forumite
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    I've won;

    X2 tickets to Linkin Park - Birmingham - Radio X
    Despicable me drawstring bag - frubes
    £100 worth of Rhodia stationary - Marie Claire mag daily
  • zoescrimszoescrims Forumite
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    Won a few little things:

    pizza coupon,

    flip flops,



    wimbledon towel and some seeds.

    Thanks posters as always:A:A

    Let's hope it a great August for everyone :T and a lucky birthday month for lil' me :)
    2020 Jan: storage box,£150 pots & pans, £50 restaurant voucher,dining experience,19 tubes of Pringles Feb: £50 food giftcard,
  • Ms_DeeMs_Dee Forumite
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    Just two wins for me this month, which I'm pleased with. :)

    23/07 £35 voucher - Facebook
    24/07 Small animal treats - Facebook

    Thanks to all who post, congratulations winners and good luck for August.
    Thank you to everyone who posts competitions and good luck to everyone who enters.
  • badamsgirlbadamsgirl Forumite
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    Another winless month-Nothing really since February now-my worst spell since i started comping on MSE!
    Hoping August might be better as it's my birthday month, but i won't hold my breath!
    Well done to July winners.Good luck to comping in August.
    Good luck for 2021 Comping! Stay Safe Everyone!

    My July 2021 Wins: Children's book (IN), Cookbook (IN), £50 lookfantastic voucher (IN) meatballs, recipe box & wine (IN), Sweets (instant win), box of brownies (IN), cookies & cakesicles (IN), chocolate (instant win), cakes (IN), book (TW), Icecream lollies & toy lollies (IN), Lumispa and cleanser (IN)
  • MakeandsaveMakeandsave Forumite
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    Bad Month,

    July wins: Picnic Hamper & Books Worth Over £100, Blue demni short sleeve top, Despicable Me 3 magnet set.
    Jan Wins: .
  • Slade12Slade12 Forumite
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    2 camp Bestival tickets which I gave to my niece and nephew
    2019: Footcream, tickets to homebuilding show,
    £100 leisure vouchers, funky iron
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