Waddling towards the flight of mortgage freedom



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    2 little wins.....got a refund on all the paper bills I've paid over the past 2 years or so since we have been with the most hideous phone/internet provider imaginable. However I can't switch - there literally is no other option - one of the big companies would make an absolute fortune if they ventured to this part of the country but none of them will & I have no understanding of why!! I had no idea I was paying for paper bills - no separate charge indicated on the bill and I certainly wasn't told when I signed up! £23.50 for the OP pot! Second win is a successful sale on fleabay and got bids on 2 other items! Off to the post office later!
    31st July 2017 - Mortgage: £136902

    Try to: make OPs of £425/month and save £500/month

    Aim to: be mortgage free by August 2029
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    Making a great start. I found once I'd done all the utility switches, selling cd and dvds etc the food shop was an area we could save money each month. We try and have lots of NSD too which is much easier during term time!
    Jan 2022 - part 1 - £49,088 part 2 - £33,083
    Total - £82,171
    70 months to go!

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