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Flight claims company sending threatening letters

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  • When I replied to them about the phone call I copied in trading standards about them now lying about phoning me. As I did that she replied to trading standards and myself to say that the email was an automated email from the system she was working on. It's just lies after lies.

    They email people as most of their emails will go to spam folder and people won't see it.

    Why dont they ring straightaway?

    Absolute joke of a company.
  • Hi everyone - would anyone be I interested in joining up with me to take a Class Action lawsuite out against this outfit ? If there was enough of us the cost would be low and this would nail this company once and for all.
  • How much we talking?

    If we win what happens then?

    Can we then get compensation?
  • JAM2018JAM2018 Forumite
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    "It looks like a small claims letter from Northampton County Court Business Centre. Excuse my terminology!"

    Have you checked that the letter is legitimate? Make sure that is has come from an official source, rather than somewhere else. Don't use the information on the letter, double check with an independent body, like the CAB or indeed the Country Court.
  • JAM2018JAM2018 Forumite
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    What is involved in a Class Action Suit?
  • I haven’t heard a peep since Monday which is making me nervous.

    I posted a review on trustpilot and I assume they are trying to get it removed because they have asked me to provide a signed instruction (surely you would have that information well the fake one you have put my signature on anyway) I responded that I have never signed an instruction and yet you are still hassling me for £588. I’ll see what they respond to that with.

    What would be involved in the class action suit?? And how much would we be looking at spending?

    I would love to get enough people together and put these people down but money is an issue for me.
  • I have noticed that when you first go on the site to see if you are eligible for compensation and you sign the box(without knowing why) then after they send an email with the contact asking you to sign it by going in to the portal. When you click on the link it's already signed as you have done it at the start. It's all misleading. That's what they need to be done for. It's exploiting people. I really want to email the small claims court and ask about this stupid company.
  • legal_magpielegal_magpie Forumite
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    A class action suit is wholly inappropriate and misconceived.
  • I didn’t even get sent access details to the portal.

    The only email I received had the 4 attachments on the bottom (unsigned) and stated someone would be in contact within 48 hours it didn’t even mention a portal.
  • sharpz44sharpz44 Forumite
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    These lot are a bunch of idiots, I ended up paying them £308 for nothing as could not be bothered with the hassle,however when I`m in Northampton next they will be getting a visit, also all my emails to them have been passed to Northampton trading standards who requested them,they are on there radar big time and hope they get whats coming.
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