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Flight claims company sending threatening letters

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  • The cost of taking someone to court via the small claims route is about £30
    So it is easy to see why they do this. The stress it causes people when you get court papers , the threat of CCJ in the hope that you just pay up.

    In my case I just filled in the court papers , defending the claim.
    The case was dismissed as they did not reply to the next papers sent out by the court.

    Like many on here I did not believe a judge would find in there favour and was willing to go to court. I was contacted by trading standards in Northampton and asked to provide a formal statement and was I willing if to go to court as a witness if they took them to court. Which I agreed to do.
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    Check your household insurance policy, to find out if you have legal cover. Give them a call if you do and get some advice.
  • I've had trading standards emailing me. Loads have complained about them. I've completed a questionnaire and sent if back. I even got in touch with the solicitors they used and they haven't even carried out any work on their behalf since I cancelled. Do not pay them a penny
  • But I have signed the document before, would it be a matter?
  • That's the thing they are being investigated for. It's all misleading. When you sign that box there isn't any terms and conditions under the box or anything.

    Just ignore the idiots.

    They said they rang me for payment. Definitely didn't. Why dont they send out letter to the house instead of emails which they know some people don't always read. Plus it would probably go to your junk mail.
  • I'm have experienced exactly the same issues. Trading Standards are currently undertaking a big investigation into this outfit. In the meanwhile I have been advised that I can request that the so called contract can be unwound under the Unfair Consumer Trading regulations 2008. I am anticipating the small claims court getting involved but am quite prepared to defend my case. Happy to discuss with anyone who wants help.....
  • Can I ask what you emailed them. Whatever you used I'll email them the same..

    Have the replied yet?

    I'm willing to take this all the way too.
    Like I said before. I'm sure any other legit company chasing money would send a letter by post by now.

    I've never not paid anyone when receiving a service. I definitely haven't received anything here.

    Can trading standards doing anything tho?
  • I received a questionnaire from Trading Standards in the post, will be filling it in and sending it back ASAP. Unfortunately I already paid them, because of the advice I got from CAB and being a low income student I didn't want it to go to court. But I'm obviously still very bitter and embarrassed, as I'm checking this forum every day..

    Fully support anyone who takes it all the way to the courts because that's what they deserve.
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    Glad to hear that Trading Standards are investigating. I haven't heard anything back yet. But I did check with the CAB yesterday and they confirmed that the company had indeed been reported.
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    cmb, you may be able to take the dodgy company to court to recover your money, especially if TS actually take this somewhere.
    Have you advised TS that you essentially, where threatened and harrassed by this company?
    If you're new. read The FAQ and Vauban's Guide

    The alleged Ringleader.........
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