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Flight claims company sending threatening letters

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  • CharlBCharlB Forumite
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    Ive already sent them the SAR. Oh okay, so hopefully it doesnt get proccessed before the month time limit is up. That way i prove to them the lying scoundrels that they are!
    I read on here somewhere that ryanair have signed something which makes them exempt from having to deal with 3rd party claims companies!
    Just the way they were threatening me spelt fearnongering at its finest!

    Utterly cruel people. Really want this to just stop now.
  • JPearsJPears Forumite
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    If they haven't submitted court papers yet then you will have 2 weeks to repsond when they do, and by just repsonding to the court you can gain an extra 2 weeks before submitting your defence. so plenty of time for the SAR clock to run its course.

    I believe Ryanair have it in their terms and conditions that they will not deal with any third party claims companies.
    It is also in their T&Cs that they will only allow claims to porgess legally through the Irish court system.
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    The alleged Ringleader.........
  • A_AA_A Forumite
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    Hello again
    I had all these problems for 8/9 months last year. Put a post on in September. I can't believe that they are allowed to get away with this and are still doing it. Trading Standards need to act more quickly.
    After they wrongly took me to Court, I took them to Court, cost me a lot of money, but I had to clear my name and stand up for myself against these criminals. They didn't turn up at the hearing. The Judge sent them stuff and told them to respond within 14 days and present some sort of response as to why I owe them money. They didn't. I contacted the Courts after that 14 days, they hadn't sent anything to them or been in contact with them at all. The Judge then told me this case was struck out. This was at the beginning of November 2018. Great I thought................
    Today.........January 11th, the delightful Cher is on the phone demanding money from me!!!!!!! To say I was angry after everything the evil woman put me through is putting it mildly. I asked if it was a she owe 'ME' money. They knew the case was going to Court. Naomi Ryan spoke to me on the phone and acknowledged the fact that I was taking them to Court and said...and I quote.....if we don't turn up, will that be the end of it, will you 'drop it'...... They didn't turn up. I did. Not a peep out of them until today. Cher, claims they know nothing about the Court case!!!! What absolute lies.
    I sent statements in September to Trading Standards who I believe are still working on a case against them. I vote we all turn up on mass at either trading standards or at their so called offices.
    The dear Cher after speaking to me left the line open for 4 minutes after the call. This is no call centre, sounded like she was sat in her living room.........felt for her though when she said 'I'm knackered' must be hard conning people. Priceless. I really hope we all get somewhere with these people. All I would say is don't pay, and don't give in to their bullying tactics. These people are pathological liars trying to make a living by robbing, intimidating, threatening and bullying innocent people.
    Just emailed Trading Standards again. I would urge all of you to do so and would happily pass on the females name dealing with the case.
  • A_AA_A Forumite
    6 posts
    If Legal Magpie has read the above post, perhaps they could advise as to what I should do.
    The case has been struck out at Court in November. They FDCT haven't contacted me for 3 months yet they have rung me demanding money again for the same thing. The flight I had was over a year ago and I never asked them to act originally.
    I have emailed Naomi Ryan who was aware of the Court hearing and the date I was taking them to Court as I spoke to her the last time in September. I have asked her what on earth is going on. I have emailed Trading Standards again. This is all so very wrong for all of these good people on this forum.
  • legal_magpielegal_magpie Forumite
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    Hi AA. It sounds as if they are getting desperate.
    I suggest you do the following.
    1. Report the facts to Northants Trading Standards. Send them copies of all documents including a copy of the Court order striking out their claim.
    2. Tell your MP on the basis that Northants Trading Standards have failed to anything despite having received numerous complaints against this company.
    3. Write to the company pointing out that their claim has been struck out and that any fresh proceedings would be an abuse of process and that if they continue to telephone you this will be treated as harassment.
    Good luck
  • JAM2018JAM2018 Forumite
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    Do you think if everyone on this thread emailed Northampton Trading Standards over the weekend, asking for an update on the investigation, after all it has been going on for over a year now, might get things moving a bit quicker? How is it that FDCT are still operating and that the directors and employees are still not held accountable for their actions.
  • A_AA_A Forumite
    6 posts
    I think that would be a good idea JAM2018. If people bombard Naomi Ryan and Trading Standards maybe we will get a can only hope. I have also sent a link to this forum to Vanessa at Trading Standards and asked her to look at it. Are we allowed to put out email addresses on here? If so I will pass on Naomi Ryan's and Vanessas.
    legal magpie thank you. I have now completed 1 and 3 and will do number 2 on Monday.
    I haven't had a reply from Naomi Ryan from the email I sent their company yesterday. I understand she is a director and has her fingers along with family members in many different companies,
    I have found out that Northants Bulk Centre is an admin centre. You can fill forms in online and they just send out a letter asking you to respond. If they don't get anything back at the Court or they don't action it, the CCJ is automatic. No proof of debt or contract is required. Please feel free to check this online. Its a bit of an eye opener and a clear misuse of the whole Court system by FDCT. Any one of us can obtain a CCJ against anyone so long as we have a name and address, The sad thing is, and as confirmed by the Judge in my local Court, as Northants have at least half a million cases a year, the chances of you getting your defence looked at it very slim. Let's keep at them.
  • tracylawsontracylawson Forumite
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    Hi, I'm new on here and not sure how to post but joined after being bullied by Flight Delay Claims Team.
    I accidentally asked two companies to represent myself and my daughter for delayed flights. I was also claiming for other people on our flight so by mistake couldn't remember who I had asked to represent me.
    Anyway, I apologised to FCDT for the mistake and thought that was the end of it.
    However, in December I then received a bill for £120 to pay for work they had carried out so far and that I had until the 20th December to pay. I emailed to see if I could pay in instalments with it being Christmas but they said no. I then decided to ask for a breakdown of the work they had carried out and proof of my signed contract. I got no reply. Again another email came saying I now owed more because it was now after the 20th. Again I asked for proof and contact etc. An email then came off them saying please see signed contact on attachment. There was no attachment. This happened twice.
    Then on the 2nd January I received an email saying I owed £2750. I was beside myself. I emailed and said I demanded to speak to the director before I report them to the Civil Aviation Authority. Anyway, I had the lovely Chere ring me, saying it was an admin error but I now owe £275 and threaten that if I don't pay they will issue a County Court Judgement. Plus she said can I remind you that if you don't pay the County Court Judgement will be in your daughter's name, as I am only dealing with them on her behalf.
    I informed her I will pay the £120 but she can take me to court for the rest.
    Another email came yesterday with a bill for £310, with no deduction of the £120. I've emailed back to say is this yet again another admin error!
    I'm willing to take it all the way. However, the only thing that is worrying me is my daughter wants to join the police next year and I'm concerned this County Court Judgement will prevent this.
    Anyone any advice please?
    Thanks Tracy
  • JAM2018JAM2018 Forumite
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    In December I telephone the Northampton Court, who informed me the FDCT had not file the DQ on time, so the claim was struck out.

    Today I have received a Notice of Transfer of Proceedings to my local court.

    How can this be, if the claim has previously been struck out?

    This has been going on for months. It was just any enquiry to find out if we were eligible.. We haven't received any money from any source.

    It is frustrating and upsetting.
  • JPearsJPears Forumite
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    Jan, you need to ring the court again to find out what is going on.
    Tracy Lawson. Hopefully you have read all of this thread to appreciate that this company would appear to be a total scam, falsifying events/actions/invoices to intimidate people out of money.
    My suggestion:
    Throw a SAR at them.
    Report to Northants Trading Standards.
    Let them take you to court with a fully prepared defence (with help from here) and see their case thrown out.
    Report to Companies House for potentially fraudulent activity.
    If you're new. read The FAQ and Vauban's Guide

    The alleged Ringleader.........
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