Is Hallowe'en becoming more popular?

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Have to confess I love Hallowe'en and really enjoy my vicarious 2nd childhood.

Just wondered what folks think - IS it becoming more popular here?

Also want to let you know of a couple of special events in Lothians:

1. Steam 'n' Scream Hallowe'en Weekend
(27 & 28 Oct) at Bo'Ness & Kinneil Railway, Bo'Ness, West Lothian. "Hallowe'en entertainment for children. Come in fancy dress. Special timetable: hourly departures from 11.00 - 16.00. Special fares apply."

2. Almond Valley Special Events

[FONT=Geneva, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]Spooky Happenings
Saturday 13th October – Wednesday 31st October
A little horror for the autumn holidays; enjoy scary crafts, gruesome games, and a spine-chilling trail of terror around the darkest corners of the old farm.
[FONT=Geneva, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]Halloween Night Horror
Wednesday 31st October 6pm-9pm
Doors re-open after dark for horrible performances, candlelit trails, the ghost train and traditional Halloween games. Come dressed to kill.
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  • I was amazed at a commentator last year saying that Halloween was an American import. I think the Scots exported it in fact!
    As a rural kid 40 years ago we had tumshy lanterns, guising and trick or treat. The trick or treat was the real thing tho', people had to guess who you were, and you had to do a turn, song or whatever. Only then did you get your treat! Dooking for apples, treacle scones on a string - oh what fun!
    I was amazed that Ireland is very big on adult parties, and I think that it is too commercial.
    Christmas, Easter, etc etc. are just ways to get into debt.
    Can't we have something just with simple fun for kids, without the expense!
    Bah humbug! as someone said! The sooner we send kids back down the pit, the better. They'll want shoes next.
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    Yeah, we went guising and had to sing/play the recorder/tel a joke before we got a sweetie or a penny. Some folk gave you an apple as it was more traditional, but we liked the sweeties and the money better:D
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  • I don't know whether Halloween is becoming more popular but it's becoming more commercialised. Don't think that many children would know what a "dookin' " apple or a treacle scone is nowadays.
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    Agree with Garnet_Gem, disappointment when offered sweets or fruit, they prefer money.
  • All is not Lost! I met some kids in edinburgh recently, They were planning their Guising already and were going to make their own costumes! They loved treacle or syrup scones and were well practised at dookin for apples.
    The didnt approve of trick or treat and always did a party piece Hurray!

    My mum sends guisers away if they dont do a turn. She is a 'hellaeen" perfectionist.
  • i live in a very quiet 'posh' estate full with (65+) old people...... at Halloween people roll up at our estate by the bucket load sprouting kids as they go. you get 10-20 at the door at a time..... sweets are all done by 6pm!!!! For the rest of the year the only kids to be found in the estate are lost or visiting granny
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    I hate it when youngest who havent really bothered, just up in a mask expect u to give them treats, and shocked when u ask them do sing or tell a joke .
    A smile and manners doesnt cost any thing
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