Pavers V concrete

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Any good recommendations for suppliers/fitters?


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    hi, i got paver bricks down to park my car on, lovely pink ones lol. Theyve been down 6 years now. No matter what i try I cannot stop moss growing between them so twice a year (April + October) i spray with weed killer and then a week ortwo later its a hands and knees job to dig out the moss! They have also sunken slightly where the car parks on them. The big advantage is they easy to keep clean and look very nice! (apart from the moss:rotfl: ).
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    I have the same problem as kyral.

    If I was doing it again I would go fo 'patterned' concrete - the concrete is laid then 'moulded' with an impression - usually paver effect.

    One firm I've seen doing it is called 'Concrete Impressions' - they don't have a website but a quick 'google' will throw up a few sites that show what I mean.

    One tip - lay the concrete a bit thicker than you think you need - cars etc are getting heavier.
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    thanks for that both of you
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    thanks for that both of you:
    - only thing I thought about the stencil pavers is that it is, in effect, a very thick layer of concrete- very dif to get up if I wanted to change in a few yrs

    Why would you want to change something that is completely funtional? ;)
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    I wouldn't touch crazy paving (so 1970's)

    As far as the coloured brick driveways are concerned they look good but can be quite expensive to put down properly. One chap I can recommend is Stuart Kennedy. He did a fantastic job of a patio for us and came recommended by a couple of people who had driveways done (and they still look great after several years). He does need a bit of prompting and reminding to get him started though ... however once he starts he finishes the job (and did not ask for a penny from us until we were 100% satisfied with the finished job).

    If you decide on tarmac then the best in the game seems to be Joe Crilly

    I wouldn't touch stencilling for a driveway (personal preference). I have seen a few done this way and in the wet it feels slippy as hell to walk on .. maybe the weight of a car would counteract this but I would not like to chance it

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  • our neighbour had a pattern imprinted concrete drive put in. he has since moved on and the new owner works for a building firm. often brings a class 2 HGV home with him and parks it on the drive. it is still in perfect condition. not a crack.

    if you are looking fo rsomething long term i'd get the pattern imprinted concrete. no maintainance, lasts for ages and no weeds!!!

    - if you don't intend on staying in the house long term i'd just get gravel
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    Have you thought about gravel? easiest and nicest option imo. Softer than a load of concrete or crazy paving.

    And it'll drain properly, not adding to surface water problems.
  • thanks to all of you for your comments:T
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    might get some advice on gravel/stones. How do you keep that weed-free tho?

    Short answer - you don't! My front garden is living proof.:mad:
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