Mortgage without a job

Hi everyone, I was hoping someone could help! I am desperately wanting to get a mortgage. My divorce settlement is due any day this week. It is a good amount which means I can put a deposit of around £60000 down. I've seen a house I love for £150000. The trouble is I'm not working at the moment. I have 3 children (one is 4months old) and I'm doing an open university degree part time from home. I do have a financial consent order signed by the judge which shows that my ex husband will be paying £1000 per month maintenance as well as letters showing my child tax credits and child benefits. I have been to one mortgage broker who has managed to find me a deal but I would need £75000 deposit as apparently the lender won't take one account my financial consent order.
Any ideas? Any suggestions? Please help!


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    you will find it difficult to get lending on no income with 90k needed. Even if they took your maintenance your still very short.

    Why not wait until you have a salary for a few months and then try again, as Lenders can only go on what you earn
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