What is your best Christmas present and why ?



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    My DH bought me a years supply of my favourite shampoo and a quilting ruler (I had been making do with a piece of cardboard with the measurements marked on it) really chuffed with both presents.
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  • Dollars from my hubby, 2 sister's and mum. Booked a trip to Las Vegas for my 40th in October with hubby so this was what I really wanted. Also new pj's. I was desperate some and got 3 pairs all in the right size and 1 pair were my favourite Harry Potter x
  • Mum of Vj , stupid autocracy won't let me type proper name, my son only willingly gives hugs on special occasions such as Christmas or my birthday the rest of the time I too get high fives.
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    VJsmum wrote: »
    I would give anything for a hug from my 17 year old son - he just doesn't do that sort of thing. The best i get these days is a high five.....

    It will come back don't worry, after he goes through adolescence he will hug again. I had the same with DS, the most affectionate boy until age 15, then the void, then he was back just as affectionate, age 20 and over.

    But I digress...

    The best gift for me was a pot of Neals Yard Frankincense face cream, which I love and had meant to get but forgot, however I hinted to DH, like, heavily, like, dragging him into the shop and pointing it out to him LOL. Then leaving the shop and asking him to surprise me!

    Unbelievably, when he gave it to me and I feigned surprise, he thought I was serious but said that the sales lady in the shop had advised him on the best cream!

    I love it, I find the episode funny and sweet, but it also shows how easy it is for us to put ideas in our men's heads and lead them to believe that they were their ideas in the first place! :rotfl::rotfl::rotfl:
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    We usually borrow my dad's car battery charger a couple of times a year once for my car and usually another time for hubbys car ... dad did not know what to get my hubby for Christmas (it was always my late mum who did the Christmas shopping). Last year he just got vouchers for us all, this year he wanted to get physical pressies so he got hubby a car battery charger. Having not needed to use my car for the last couple of weeks I had a feeling I would need it today ( I was correct ). Very useful pressie - although now charged it was still a sod to start - maybe I need to start hinting about spark plugs for my birthday from him!!
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    I didn't get any presents. Same as last year.

    I live in hope :o:)
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    i loved all my pressies.

    I email my sister a wishlist of stuff from amazon to get from my dad, he picks something, lets her know and she orders it. this year he bought the whole list of 8 b&w british comedies to say 'thankyou' for looking after him so well, I was pretty much in tears. not sure I deserved them all.

    my other sister, without me knowing, sneaked out a two thirds done cross stitch picture I started over ten years ago, finished it and framed it. its now hanging in the front room and I love it, I never thought i'd see it completed. while I can knit I find I really struggle with my arthritic knuckles when embroidering or hand sewing.

    sounds like we all had fab gifts :)
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