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Looking for a new vacuum cleaner

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Looking for a new vacuum cleaner

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Angry_BearAngry_Bear Forumite
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edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Old Style MoneySaving
Hi all,

I know this might be slightly better on the "Iwant it" board, but I figured some of you here might have an opinion :D.
I'm in the market for a new vacuum cleaner, and it's been so long since I last bought one that I don't really know what's good/bad/cheap ...

I have a combination of hard and carpeted flooring (but I'm happy to stick with brushing and mopping the hard floor).
I have long hair, but no pets or children - so carpet doesn't get too dirty, but my hair does seem to get everywhere.
I have stairs to clean so something a bit lighter or more flexible might be worth considering. But I'm also fit and healthy (fingers crossed) so if there are big downsides to the light ones I can cope with something a bit bulkier.

I sort of fancy the GTech Air Ram, but I think I might just be a victim of flash advertising :o:rotfl:

Cheap is obviously good, but my budget isn't very constrained and I would pay a bit more for something good that's likely to last.
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    pretz_2pretz_2 Forumite
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    I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED my hetty but when our puppy chewed her lifeline off sadly we was unable to bring her back and stupidly purchased a vax bagless thing that I hate. I mean at first it was great had really good suction, super light, small to store however 6 months on I've taken it apart so many times to unblock it that I'm willing it to die just so I can buy a hetty again. She was great if not a bit of a big girl and took up a fair bit of room in her cupboard but she never got blocked and she could suck up anything.

    I really recommend looking into a hetty although she's not much fun to hoover stairs with.
  • CatslovelycatsCatslovelycats Forumite
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    I love my Miele. Had 2 Dysons previously both of which lost suction.
  • parking_question_chapparking_question_chap Forumite
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    Another vote for Miele over dyson. Sadly I currently have the latter.
  • Mr_SingletonMr_Singleton Forumite
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    Miele C3 does the business here.
  • Cisco001Cisco001 Forumite
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    I am looking for new vaccum cleaner as well, I current have light weight bagless VAX, don't like it.

    Someone suggest me Miele C2 Cat & Dog, it suit my needs and lightweight, but I think the bags are slightly expensive.
    it is on sale at currys right now...

    I am considering Shark NV680UK at the moment. There review seems good, but it is heavier than Miele
  • IslandmaidIslandmaid Forumite
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    We have a Meile Cat and Dog and a Dyson V6 fluffy, the Dyson is used everyday for quick 'run rounds' - and the Meile for a 'proper' clean once a week - love both :)
    Note to self - STOP SPENDING MONEY !!

  • pollyanna_26pollyanna_26 Forumite
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    After many questions on various os threads over the past months I bought the Shark Rocket Truepet HV 320 . I have always had Henry's but was unable to cope with lifting up and down stairs and also hoovering stairs .
    Henry now lives upstairs and is used there . New one is a lift off so good for stairs , cornices all sorts in fact . Slightly heavier than I hoped but still better than dragging Henry round .
    As family members own both Dyson and GTech I got to try theirs before making a decision and found them not suitable .
    I read lots of reviews and the few negative ones seemed to be a result of not researching first or not reading all instructions properly .I bought mine from the manufacturer via the site beginning with A .Delivered free within 48hrs by Royal Mail and free 5 year guarantee on registering online . At just under £150 it was an affordable option and nearly two months on I am happy with my choice but Henry will still be used - His little blue smile makes me smile , sad but true !
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  • Teapot55Teapot55 Forumite
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    We have the Miele S8 Cat & Dog - even though we don't have pets - brilliant.

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  • stormbreakerstormbreaker Forumite
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    Sebo , we've had it for more years than I can remember. Initial output was expensive but all parts can be purchased and replaced. We chose it over a dyson which was a new and expensive innovation. So glad we did. Although dysons are now consirably cheaper than they were, I'm sure my sister is on to her third, in the time we've had our sebo.
  • culpepperculpepper Forumite
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    I bought a refurbished Henry from ebay . It's the best vacuum cleaner I've ever owned. I still have the turbo brush from my old dirt devil which was a brilliant little rotating brush but on the dirt devil, only ever worked if you emptied the dust container and then only for a short while, it fits Henry and whizzes around grabbing all the bits and pieces. He has a long power chord and is quite light plus his wheels mean he follows around as I walk.
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