Rimmell - Fresher Skin, free foundation sample

Fresher Skin Foundation sample
LOOK FRESH FACED! Rimmel London introduces new Fresher Skin Foundation with SPF15 for fresh, natural-looking coverage. Its revolutionary lightweight texture lets skin breathe and won’t clog pores -make-up looks and feels freshly applied all day with a shine-free finish.



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    Don't apply for many freebies these days, but this link works.

    using this link https://rimmel-london-fresher-skin-for-you.sopost.com/

    Please click the link in that email to receive your Fresher Skin Foundation sample. The link is valid for 15 minutes.

    on the email:

    Please click the link to have your Fresher Skin Foundation sample delivered to you.

    after clicking link I got:

    Thank You!

    Your order has been submitted.

    All submissions are reviewed. Submitting multiple or duplicate orders will result in none of your orders being approved.
    To everyone at Ward 40, Aberdeen Royal Infirmary, from the specialist to the tea lady, many thanks for everything.
  • 2013yearofthehouse2013yearofthehouse Forumite
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    I just received this, except I didn't haha - got a blue padded envelope with a piece of cardboard inside with info about the product on it, but no actual product was included!
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