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HP Instant Ink (Free month)

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HP Instant Ink is a programme for wifi-enabled printers through which you're sent ink when you need it, based on your usage (this is tracked and updated when your printer is turned on and connected to the internet).

I was originally sceptical of this, but have been using it since last year and really like the convenience of it. They claim it's cheaper than buying ink cartridges in the normal way, and in my experience this is true, though I have been using it for less than a year and haven't been keeping graphs or anything. The timing of the cartridge packs has been perfect - not too early but not too close to the wire either. I would not go back to the normal method now.

You choose a plan based on how many pages you think you'll need to print in a month, but you can print more on top of that and it will just charge you for a page bundle (e.g. on my plan if I want to print an extra 15 pages on top of my allowance, it's an extra £1). You can see the different price plans and fees for extras when you sign up.

To make it even cheaper, if you use my referral link, you'll get a free month of the service (and I will too). Thanks in advance if you use it.

My link:


  • If anyone is looking at signing up to HP Instant Ink I can provide two months of free ink to anyone who uses the following.

    Refer a friend code: fLBrn
    Then use promotional code: FREEINK

    Do both and you will get two months free.
  • I recently purchased a new HP printer and had a coupon to try out the instant ink program free for 2 months.
    Instant ink is a pay-as-you-print type program where you get to print a fixed number of pages per month for a fixed monthly cost and in turn you get the genuine hp ink cartridges free of cost.
    HP currently offers a free month to anyone who joins their instant ink program via my referral link
    In turn I also get an extra month free.

    To learn more about the instant ink program please do visit the website below or drop me a message
  • CornucopiaCornucopia Forumite
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    To add another useful piece of info & my referrer code...

    At the moment, selected HP printers come with a free trial for Instant Ink. You can choose any of the 3 service levels (50 pages, 100 pages or 300 pages per month) at no charge. For most people, it will make sense to opt for 300 pages, worth £7.99 per month, and change the option on-line before the free trial period ends to whatever suits your usage.

    Different printers have different trial periods, the longest I have seen is on the HP Envy 5546 Photo printer, with 9 months (worth up to £71.91). My printer (the very capable OfficeJet Pro 6960) came with a 4 month trial.

    My referrer code is:
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  • GentleGiant_2GentleGiant_2 Forumite
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    Just purchased an HP Envy 5540 printer from Currys.

    Part of the attraction of this printer is that you get 9 free months of ink allowing 300 pages of printer per month. Up to 300 pages per month can be rolled over automatically.

    You can switch plans at any time and cancel your plan after the 9 months.

    However if during the setup you enter the refer a friend code


    and above it use the promotional code FREEINK

    You can extend the 9 months to 11

    If your printer comes with a shorter trial period, then just use the above two codes to extend by 2 months - simples!
  • I've just bought a Hp Envy printer and i'm impressed so far! My model came with 5 months free ink - the printer arrived with some ink and i've already received more cartridges through the post.

    If you'd be kind enough to use my link then we'll both get a free months ink

    Many thanks:j
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  • dovemandoveman Forumite
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    I just bought an HP printer with 4 months free Instant Ink. If you use my referral code gmz8W (or the link below) when you register for Instant Ink we'll both get one extra month. You can also use FREEINK for a second extra month.
  • Cheers doveman :beer:

    Just used your code.
  • Cheers folks, bought Envy 4524 and came with 5 Months free - thanks to your posts got 7 months. Enjoy your free month (whoever's link I used as I can't remember!!!! :) )

    New entrants into the HP Instant Ink Scheme are more than welcome to use my link, thanks in advance!! Enter the code gwdJh into the promo code box!



    Ps dont forget to enter the FREEINK to get your extra 1 month free!!!! :beer:
  • Please feel free to use my referral code gznbq when you register for instant ink. Both of us will get a extra month.

    Do not forget to apply FREEINK as well for additional 1 month

  • Thanks guys, 2 months free via using a FREEINK referral code AND a refer a friends referral code - that's in addition to my printer's 4 months free AND £16 credit applied when I registered it (on leaflet in box) Printer from Currys £20 cheaper than amazon HP Envy 5540


    Anybody wants to use my code in the future, please use code gDRTg

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