What cut backs have you made ?

Hi Everyone,

I'm just curious what cut backs everyone has made whilst trying to get debt free ?
I have done the following -
- Meal Plan & only buy what I need
- Change Broadband supplier
- Set my Boiler to Eco Mode
- Turn all plugs off when not using/lights off
- Haggled Sky bill down
- Buy any needed clothes from Charity Shop
- Signed up for paid surveys
- Set up an Instagram account to sell homemade crafts
- Put old toys on EBay/FB Selling Pages
- Try to have as many non spend days as possible
- If have to attend a birthday meal I drive, drink free water, look for places with offers etc

Sure there's plenty more but that's all I can remember.
Hoping to get some more good ideas.
- Changed phone settings so don't go over on my data allowance etc


  • mrsbee17
    mrsbee17 Posts: 60
    Debt-free and Proud!
    We ordered 'Water saving freebies' from Thames Water, I know that other water providers offer similar things. We had a new shower head and a small fixture which screwed on between the shower hose and the main outlet; since we had these in my water bill statement has come back with £20ish in credit both times which is good to see!
    Love Piggy-banking and YNAB!
  • engineer_amy
    engineer_amy Posts: 803
    I've been Money Tipped!
    My company has an account with a local wholesalers, and they allow me to use it (its cash on collection). I can pick up great savings by buying in bulk, with items with a long life (tinned goods, dry store cupboard, toiletries and cleaning products). It can be a bit of a big outlay at the start, but the savings quickly stack up. And you need to have somewhere you can store items.

    Although I think I have enough toilet roll to last for the next year!
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  • Deep_In_Debt
    Deep_In_Debt Posts: 8,579
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    I got rid of Sky totally and went Freeview/Freesat.

    Changed to a water meter which reduced my water from £28pm to £10pm and I'm very careful with the water I use. Load the washing machine as full as possible and do 2 washes per week instead of lots of small washes, quick showers, and not running taps.
    Debt 30k in 2008.:eek::o Cleared all my debt in 2013 and loving being debt free :)
    Mortgage free since 2014 :)
  • Ilona
    Ilona Posts: 2,449 Forumite
    I am not in debt, but I don't have a TV at all, watch all I want on the computer. My mobile phone is on PAYG £5 a month. Buy out of date food, and about to go out of date, yellow stickers. Stopped eating junk, don't eat meat or fish, cook from scratch.
    I love skip diving.
  • andyfromotley
    andyfromotley Posts: 2,038 Forumite
    Ditched Sky Saving £50 plus pcm.
    Changed home insurance from 5 Star one to basic one saving over £30 pcm.
    Didnt upgrade phone when contract ended and switched to payg saving £27pcm
    I switch gas and electric regularly saving me about £30 pcm (big shout out for the MSE energy saving club thingy which reminds me and points me to the best deal)
    I always shop around when anything is up for renewal.

    These are what i think of as 'golden' savings. They keep giving month in month out, year in year out quite literally adding up to tens of thousands over time!

    Meal planning is my next big target, i'm rubbish at it and i know that not doing it is costing me a small fortune!
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  • As we moved at the back end of last year, we have made many changes in particular where it involves savings. We were down sizing any way which became the right thing to do as my hubby in the middle of it all had a heart attack. House insurance saved £350pa. Vehicle insurance is now due saving another 230pa. on a water meter that was a shock. Carried on for 6 months like we did before. Even then that was half price!! saved another 250 now working on bringing that down. Gas and Electric more than halved another 600 pa. installed a fire stove, that was the only pre requisition I wanted. More savings to come from that too. For the first time for ever we have savings in the 1000 bracket.
    This might not be a lot for some but for us its massive. Total debt excluding mortgage is now a measily £245 and on 0% and will pay that up early :). To say I am excited about this is an under statement. I no longer need to work overtime house needs decorating but you know I really don't care am so happy...
    I feel it for all of you at the beginning of your LBM's.
    I have been on here for years and been inspired by so many wonderful people. For that I truly thank you all for helping me with my journey.
  • Bouncybubbles
    Bouncybubbles Posts: 241
    Car Insurance Carver!
    edited 5 July 2016 at 5:18PM
    We have cut back on many things such as

    1) cancelled sky but kept the broadband saving £55/PCM
    2) switched energy providers saving £100/PCM!
    3) added hubby on to my car insurance which brought it down by £30/PCM
    4) budget for food shops (£50/week) saving up to £100/PCM
    5) buy petrol in bulk at the start of the month (sometimes cheaper)
    6) only buy small gifts for friends and family instead of the lavish gifts we used to buy (instead of £150ish now £20ish)
    7) try and plan ahead for MOT's Service etc
    8) try and plan ahead for xmas buying stuff now spreads it out easily
    Love my DMP left to pay £0/ £10162.51 :beer:
    Est DFD 11/2018
    Actual DFD 09/2017
    £2 savers club: number 88 £14 so far!
    Wombling free number 41 £6 so far!!
    Emergency fund £50/£1000
  • chelseablue
    chelseablue Posts: 3,288
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    We've saved loads since shopping in Aldi

    Also switch suppliers when contracts are up.

    Our current car insurance provider wanted £1,500 to renew, shopping around I found £900 for 2 cars (still expensive but partner only passed his test 2 years ago)
  • Hello there,

    I have three mobile contracts coming to an end soon (approx £130 between them!)... All handsets are usable and will going down to SIM only contracts. Giff gaff have good packages which (£15 per SIM).

    Also, where possible we shop at Aldi and always make savings there.

    And to keep me active, I traded in my Cineworld card for a swimming pool (£2 more per month but worth it!)
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