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Thankfully I was opening a can of Asda Mushroom soup Blog Discussion

This is the discussion link on the back of Martin's 'Thankfully I was opening a can of Asda Mushroom soup' blog. Please read the blog first, as the discussion follows it.


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  • Smiley_MumSmiley_Mum Forumite
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    I've been Money Tipped!
    Got a date for when it's going to be shown yet.

    I tend to buy products that are mid range in price so usually the store's own brand. When I have gone to downgrade on a product, I sometimes notice that say the economy version of something can, a lot of the times, be more expensive than the supermarket's own brand. I've also noticed that multipacks of something, can at times, not work out cheaper than buying two individual packs of something. Example recently was a pack of well known crunchy oat biscuits, one pack priced 53p and a multipack (Value) pack was £1.15. So, cheaper to buy two individual packs. I did ask the member of staff who was going along doing a stock check etc and he couldn't explain why it was priced that way. I see now though that they've priced the product in such a way that you are better off buying the multipack. The so called Value pack, (but not always) so be sure to check first before reaching for the boxes/packs/bottles that are emblazoned with VALUE, not always the case. ;)
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    I'm guessing money saving towers is rented/leased. Oh that poor window salesman if its not. You didn't get safestyle direct in did you??
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