Mortgage free it has too be done

If theres one thing that would improve the quality of mine and my other halfs life it would be having shot of the 70500 ish around our neck.

Last yeah we got into a mess at the beginning of the year with our mortgage ie 1500 into arrears, we have just got square so the plan is.

A) My partners paid weekly so she is gunna pay an extra fiver a week off the mortgage.
B) Any market research surveys i do i am gunna pay 25percent of earnings of the mortgage
C) Any cashback i get off top cashback its going off the mortgage
D) I get bonuses every 3 months now they are going off the mortgage

And i am gunna monthly over pay on it at least 25quid maybe more depending on if i can click overtime at work etc
debts 16550
Mortgage 69500


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