Barclays upgrade - no confirmation

I walked in to my local branch of Barclays this afternoon because they hadn't sent me a replacement debit card (mine expires today!)

After ordering me a new one and cancelling the ghost one, the cashier said "looks like you'll get a contactless card this time - your account has been upgraded!"

I checked it didn't mean I needed to pay fees or anything before I left, but it made me wonder how many people don't realise they're being upgraded from a basic to a regular account.

It says you can join their rewards scheme on the regular account which I'm not sure I'll do, but I think it might mean you're more eligible to build your credit score if you're brought out of the basic?

If anybody has any idea why they've decided I'm eligible without telling me, I'd be glad to hear it! :rotfl:
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    I got sent my new debit card recently from Barclays and noticed that it wasn't contactless, presumably because they didn't deem me worthy enough. However I'm in the process of switching to a 1st Direct account - standard current account - was offered the option of applying for overdraft (no thanks) and cheque book (no thanks), but as far as I'm aware there is no 'basic' connotation with it. Either which way, Barclays have been good for what I needed them for (basic bank account whilst I was handling debts), but now I'm out the other side I'm ready to go wherever I will be appreciated most as a customer (and 1st direct are giving me £150 for my trouble!).

    I guess if you've managed your account well for x number of months/years, they want to try and encourage you to use more of their financial products. providing you with the 'convenience' of a contactless card is one step along that road!

    *As an aside, I put a large cheque from a savings account into my TSB classic plus not so long back for house purchase. Because of my very large cheque I was given a private room and had a one to one chat with someone who thought I was doing them a favour by depositing my cheque into my account with them. He checked to see if I could get a contactless card due to the good cashback offer and TSB wouldn't give me one then either - will be interesting to see if I get one with the new FD account. I didn't realise that being contactless was such a sign of credit worthiness!
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  • I had a Barclays basic account and randomly received a new card one day, without any explanation. I went into them to ask why and they said there must have been a fault registered with my old card hence the new one. Didnt make much sense to me!? The new card was contactless but my account remained the same (no overdraft offered - not that it was wanted).

    I have now moved to a Halifax basic account due to one of my debts being with Barclays and just have a normal card. Going to close the Barclays account.
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  • I just got an email from Natwest informing me that my account is getting upgraded from basic to normal I guess, I just want a contactless card so I'm happy.
  • Seems like from what you're all saying, they move you around depending on how you use that account and it has nothing to do with requesting it to be changed. I also didn't realise contactless cards were such a status symbol! I'll be flashing mine around with my very poor Noddle score this weekend! haha
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