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'Thieving little monkeys' Blog discussion

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This is the discussion link on the back of Martin's 'Theiving little monkeys!' blog. Please read the blog first, as the discussion follows it.
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  • trutru Forumite
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    hahahahaha :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

    A couple of years ago on hols in Cornwall, I bought an ice cream and was just about to lick it when a seagull landed on my head, leant foward, nicked it and flew off :D

    I was stood there FUMING with an empty cornet in my hand while everyone around me laughed :mad: :rotfl: :rotfl:
  • irishwench69irishwench69 Forumite
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    Urrrggh, just reading this reminded me of when the OH and I went to Gibraltar a couple of years ago - one of those bloody monkeys jumped on my head!! :mad: :mad: :eek: It was a BIG one too :eek:

    Of course the OH was laughing his bits off :rolleyes: Apparently they get so close and even aggressive because there's so much food out for them and tourists feed them :rolleyes:

    PLEASE don't feed the monkeys!!

    IW x
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  • arisaris Forumite
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    We had this happen to us in South Africa. My girlfriend and I were at the Kruger Park having a picnic. A monkey ran by, and grabbed a jar of mustard from our table. Amazingly, the monkey new how to open a jar - took a wiff, and threw it away in disgust (wholegrain mustard was obviously not to his taste). Ever since then we (GF is now wife) call wholegrain mustard 'monkey mustard' :-)
  • beetplekbeetplek Forumite
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    Beware, monkeys arn`t stupid, and you wont have been the first, and no one bothers reporting it to the police, so they get away with it. Be on your guard, and if one of them !!!!!!s looks at you be ready for a fight.
  • reelcrazyreelcrazy Forumite
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    I was also jumped on by a barbary ape while visiting Gibraltar from the Costa Del Sol. It scratched me up really bad across my shoulders. OUCH! :confused:
  • AlcmeneAlcmene Forumite
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    I'm from Gibraltar, everyone knows you don't go near those little blighters with food, or anything shiny like a camera.

    The are APES BTW! :D
  • In fact they're Barbary macaques, a type of monkey.
  • Burberry monkeys?

    Do they go round nicking wheels off cars?
  • tru, I assume you were in St Ives, Cornwall. The gulls there are a complete pain and will take anything up to the weight of a pasty (and you know how tasty they can be!). I now boycott St Ives for this very reason - the gulls have just made it like any other seaside town (eg. Skegness, Blackpool) and it's lost its exclusivity. Go to somewhere like Sandbanks and you don't get that problem. Mind you, we could do with some sunshine first............
  • Fiona_T_3Fiona_T_3 Forumite
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    Martin's monkey story reminds me of a baboon I met on the beach in South Africa. We were taking photographs on the shore when it charged up, grabbed my friend's camera bag and ran off with it. It sat a few yards away from us, carefully unzipped the bag and removed the camera, then reached inside. It was clearly disgusted to find no food in the bag and dropped the whole lot on a rock nearby. Luckily the camera still worked. Meanwhile I ran aggressively towards it hoping to scare it away but it bared its teeth and I ran away instead. We heard that later that day it bit someone really badly when they fought it for their rucksack. Apparently the park rangers had to shoot it. They were cross with the tourists who must have fed it when it was a cute baby rather than a full sized and very scary adult.
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