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Good morning, Hmrc are making us bankrupt this morning, how will the OR contact us? I believe he usually calls but HMRC never had out telephone numbers, would we be best to call the court and ask for the ORs contact details?


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    They might want to meet you face to face. They'll send a letter to you.
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    Thanks for your reply, I realise we will have a face to face interview but they call you within 48 hours to arrange that interview don't they? What do they ask at this first contact? Just want to be prepared as much as I can be .
  • You will get a in the post containing all the information you will require regarding the face to face interview.
    As you know in almost all cases if you have been self employed it is a face to face interview the OR will want to carry out.
    In my case I received the pack from the OR about ten days after the court hearing in forming me an appointment had been booked to see the OR case worker in about from I got the letter.
    In the pack from the OR you will have a statement of affairs to fill in showing money coming in to the house and money going out on paying household bills and the like and lots of other paperwork to read and sign including questions like have you ever claimed for a PPI refund.
    In the mean time you should be thinking about your SOA form which as I said will be in the pack from the OR and thinking about how you are going to answer the question the OR will ask regarding why you allowed your tax affairs to get to the stage that HRMC bankrupted you.
  • Thank you that's very helpful, we have 3 grown up children at home all paying towards the mortgage , will that be acceptable to the OR? Without their board we wouldn't be able to keep up the mortgage payments at present !
  • As regards your house the first question that has to be answered is how much equity do you have in the property, if there is a sizeable amount say ten grand or more then you will have to make arrangements for one or more of your children to buy out the OR's interest in your property so you can keep your home, my understanding is you may have quite a bit of time to get that sorted, like a year or two which may be helpful, the OR has to have completed all dealing with house in under three years, your automatic discharge from bankruptcy after one year has no bearing on the three years it can take to deal with the house. This is an area I know little about and would strongly advise you speaking to someone who is an expert in these matters.
    Your sons living with you and helping you pay the mortgage I would of thought is a very good arrangement and not something the OR could find fault with, at the end of the day it has to be paid and that is the most important thing.
  • Thank you , we are bankrupt now from 10 this morning we believe, so will sit and wait to hear from the OR, very nervous about the meeting but also keen to get things moving along so we know where we stand with everything and can start counting down the 12 months until discharge! is there anything we should be doing today? Anyone to notify etc?
  • One important thing to think about right now are your bank accounts as most likely they will be frozen by the bank when they get the next list in from the court detailing the latest bankruptcy lists.
    When that happens you can not use your account until the OR reviews your account and decides they allow you to keep using it. Even at that stage the bank may decide they no longer want your business and close your account so give that some serious thought.
    Not a lot more you can do today, you are where you are, deal with each stage as it comes along, if you are not sure about something then ask the question who best do I need to contact to get the answer to what ever needs sorted out right now.
    Live goes on and this will pass with a bit of time.
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    Thank you again for taking the time to reply .
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