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{Updated December 2019

2013 I had to re-mortgage to my name only to pay off husbands business debts. It was all traumatic and expensive. Probably >£120k loss. We took a lodger, did Airbnb, and eventually sold the big house for a loss in 2018.
He's on a lower income than me and during times of immense mistrust I took on everything financial. None of it malicious, however the healing took years really. He does wait on me hand and foot these days. In fact not just on me but our girls too, DD1, DD2 and GD.

Our new house needed a lot of updating. In the first 18months we have spent £30k :eek: We still have a kitchen to replace then windows in a year or two.

OH gets about £200 pcm pensions plus £900 wage, of this £300 is saved this year into share schemes. I'm also saving in S&S ISA . He does like to have £400 pocket money though.. mmmmmm the upside is his wages get paid into my bank account. He does do some shopping and buys his own beer mostly ;) His petrol will be around £60-£80 per month.

I have a fairly good job and have always worked extra hours. The aim was to retire at 55 years and have all of the debts / mortgage paid off. Realistically I will probably work until 58. OH is 11 years older than me so I don't want to leave it too late.

We trimmed our expenses years ago. We have the occasional slip up and overspend but most of our shopping is at lld1 and Aldi. We like nice things so only buy what we need. I think holidays and short breaks may well be our weakness.

Sold house March 2018

NEW HOME page 32 , May 2018

Can access work pension 2025 (55 years)
Have very small £2k private pension to close 2025
DH state pension 2025, plus current pension of £200 pcm
DH shares can be accessed from June 2020 and 2021but aim to cash them 2025
my state pension 2037
Official mortgage end 2032

Mortgage OP
June 2018 - May 2019= £540.21

First Direct OPs
Aug -Dec 19 = 81.76

Jan 20 8.88

Long term savings shares/ISA (without interest/growth)
Dec £1973 over 2 accounts

OH SM shares
June 2018 £1200 + £200 = £1400
July 2018 +£200 = £1600
August +£200 = £1800
September +£200 =£2000
October +£200 = £2200
November +£200= £2400
December xmas month off

Jan 2019 £200 = £2600
Feb 2019 £200 =£2800
March 1st 2019 £200 = £3000
March 28th 2019 £200 = £3200
April 26th 2019 £200 = £3400
May 24th 2019 £200 = £3600
June 21st 2019 £300 - £3900
July 19th 2019 +£300- £4200
August 16th 2019 +£300= £4500
September 13th + £300 =£4800
October 11th +£300 = £5100
November 8th + £300 = £5400

Jan 20 + 300 = £5700
Jan 20 + 300 = £6000
Feb 20 +300 = £6300
March 20 + 300 = £6600
April 20 + 300 =£6900
May 20 +300 = £7200
June 20 +£300 = £7500
July 20 - £3600 = £3900
July 20 +400 = £4300
Mortgage restart June 2018 £119950Re mortgage August 19 £110470, … Mortgage November 22 £85600 final 0% CC 3300Home renovations - £65000, mid 2018 - mid 2022


  • dirtycredit
    Love the username.
    Good Luck!

    DC x
    LBM-November 2019 - Total Debt £28,000/now £1500 1 more payment left!!!
  • Moneyfordreams
    Thanks dirtycredit,

    I always seem to be dreaming of the future and how I'm doing to achieve it.
    My husband thinks he wants to live a little now.... I've said he needs to pull his finger out as we've "lived" enough!!! Or at least spent enough.

    Hence Airbnb. We live in a tall slim house. Jimlad and ATB on the mortgage free wanabee thread wrote about Airbnb I was surprised when my OH agreed. We have given up our top floor bedroom and en-suite. It's early days and we had 4 nights booked a few weeks ago, 3 this weekend (although each are different guests), and 2 more at the end of the month. not huge sums but not to be sniffed at either.

    We have moved into our eldest daughters old bedroom (pretty much so she doesn't move back in :D )

    I've started a new job this week therefore my extra hours will be limited for a month or 2. I've worked extra hours for as long as I can remember, so only working full time should be a rest.

    Our younger daughter hopes to go to university next year, but at the moment is very dependant on us. She's just 18, and not yet had a job. She seems to have missed an NI number. We have sent off the requested forms but no joy yet. next week will be 2 weeks post sending 2nd request so we need to chase that up. At least she's found her missing passport (6 months) just BEFORE we got her another , hurrah.

    Yesterday I sold a spare tumble dryer. The £30 has been paid off the NW cc.
    I rarely use my tumble dryer I have a pully (?? sheilas maid??). I'm the most unlikely person to want 2. I threaten to cut the plug off every time I catch my family using it.

    So £30 less debt today. Hopefully tomorrow I will get some of the loan returned to me.

    Mortgage restart June 2018 £119950Re mortgage August 19 £110470, … Mortgage November 22 £85600 final 0% CC 3300Home renovations - £65000, mid 2018 - mid 2022
  • Moneyfordreams
    Unfortunately loaned money not yet arrived. I had to had a little word in my daughters ear about it. It's the principle of paying your own way I'm holding out for. I'm last in her pecking order, after holidays, nights out and buying baby clothes for her daughter. She will most likely get the money back around xmas. I treated her to an outfit (from Primar£) last month and our toddler granddaughter has tons of stuff. Plus it all stems from her cars MOT in March. Next March what's the betting the same will happen again! I'm trying to persuade / nagging at her to open a monthly savings account for these things but no success yet.

    Airbnb went well. They were very late. Close to midnight. I'm usually in bed by 10pm. I was off to work early the next morning so didn't see them after the initial hello. I worry about the room being warm enough, it's the only time i'll have the heating on so late :D
    My OH came home from his night shift to say they had both windows wide open!!!!!!!

    We have another guest booked for tomorrow. The bedding is washed and dried and ready to iron.
    Mortgage restart June 2018 £119950Re mortgage August 19 £110470, … Mortgage November 22 £85600 final 0% CC 3300Home renovations - £65000, mid 2018 - mid 2022
  • Moneyfordreams
    Busy day today. I've not spent any money, but my husband has spent 20 quid on the weekly shop at lid1. Mostly the fresh stuff.
    I've been to work. Used a freebee coffee card and a packed lunch. I went for a swim at a hotel on the way home. It's in the city centre and I live out of town. Since my new job is 8 hr days and not generally double shifts, I have the time. My membership is free currently as its a trail.
    Got a lovely Airbnb guest tonight. Will be paid for that tomorrow.
    Today my daughter has returned £100.
    That's £600 (without interest ) left on the credit card x
    Mortgage restart June 2018 £119950Re mortgage August 19 £110470, … Mortgage November 22 £85600 final 0% CC 3300Home renovations - £65000, mid 2018 - mid 2022
  • Moneyfordreams
    I have paid our 3rd airbnb to the credit card this week leaving a balance of £570 ish on the credit card. We have 2 more nights booked at the end of the month, each night is £29 which I've rounded up to £30.

    This morning was spent reading MFi25-30 thread. Yay I've joined it, but I will be OP both the mortgage and the debts simultaneously. The numbers people overpay are phenomenal. I've used the stoozing and snowballing calculators on here that have amazed me with their calculations. Basically if I put all of our debt repayments to the mortgage when our debts have completed, we can box the mortgage off in my 91/2 year time frame instead of 21years!!

    I can only try.

    Fancied steak for tea. It's not something we eat often but there is some 30% off frying steak in the freezer. Better get the meat hammer out. HomeBarga1n jacket spuds 4 for 45p. Our older daughter keeps forgetting she has left home. she's invited herself for tea again. She bringing our little granddaughter. TV will be Monsters inc, Toy Story or Frozen....... agaaaiiiiiiiiiinn
    Mortgage restart June 2018 £119950Re mortgage August 19 £110470, … Mortgage November 22 £85600 final 0% CC 3300Home renovations - £65000, mid 2018 - mid 2022
  • Moneyfordreams
    I'm working later today, so I'm relaxing this morning. We had an extra Airbnb booking last night so I'm waiting to say "safe journey home" to them. They seem like a nice couple. With such awful weather yesterday they were visiting museums to keep dry. Good job our City has many of them .

    I'll pay £30 of the CC tomorrow before I get a chance to enjoy it.

    After reading smallholdingsister's diary, we have started to make wine. We've made 3 barrels so far. It's amazing. The kit is 39.99 for 30 bottles to make up. £1.33 per bottle!! I'm so proud of it I keep giving it away. not very MSE.
    We've also tried cider. w1lko's cider was ok for £8.99, but the nicer one is from the same company as the wine. It has a gentle fizz. Anyway I've just ordered the rose wine and a lager for a change (the excuse for 2 orders is I don't have to pay P&P).

    We don't really go out much these days and you can see why :)

    OH gets paid 4 weekly and his payday was 2 days ago. As I control the money it's like 2 paydays for me :). I do think I'm too generous with his spending money. We started to have a mini discussion this week when I was explaining our future spends on debt and mortgage. He has £400 minus his bills leaves £270. This year he got one of those horrifically expensive CC so he can "clear his name". He maxed it out on naff all, food/drink/petrol, and now has to pay £50 pcm. He has another 3 1/2 years before that can happen. NOT my problem. (horrific argument at the time). But during this time, he still asks me for food and petrol money. He's says to be fair he does use his money on family food and stuff. PHOOEY he admits to spending £5 most nights in work on meal breaks. I kinda pointed out I spend zilch as I take packed lunch and my own L1dl coffee!!. I also get the train to work to save cost and he gets to drive my car, mmmm were did I go wrong :/

    Oh well he's now chauffer, chief cook and bottle washer, and now chambermaid for Airbnb. :) It'll take him 15 years to repay what he's lost us without interest and his costs. If we keep the mortgage at the current time frame it'd be £235000!!!!!!!!!!! Good job I'm not counting (much :))

    Anyhow we are both off work tomorrow and are planning a date day. We will go to the Liverpool to see the poppies, have a mooch about followed by a meal somewhere. We might even stretch it to a few cocktails.
    Mortgage restart June 2018 £119950Re mortgage August 19 £110470, … Mortgage November 22 £85600 final 0% CC 3300Home renovations - £65000, mid 2018 - mid 2022
  • Moneyfordreams
    £29 paid from Airbnb. £30 paid to the cc
    Mortgage restart June 2018 £119950Re mortgage August 19 £110470, … Mortgage November 22 £85600 final 0% CC 3300Home renovations - £65000, mid 2018 - mid 2022
  • Moneyfordreams
    Yesterday didn't quite go as planned. My OH has a sore knee and we decided to stay local. I bought myself a cheaper brand of makeup than normal but I'm not sure I've made the right choice. It seemed a bit "sticky" on my skin.

    We had a lovely meal locally off the 40% reduced main meals, then our local pub text to say half price drinks just as we were on our way there. We bumped into family and friends so a lovely time was had. And my other half paid :D. nipped into the co-opp on our way home to buy 2 goodfellas pizzas at half price £1.24 each. That was our daughters tea sorted.

    I have £44 left in my current account and didn't really want to go over that. shopping list for lid1 done plus £20 petrol in the car. Was wondering what I'd need for spends next week when an Airbnb booking has come through for 2 nights this coming weekend. That'll be £58 on Monday. I will probably keep £18 and put £40 to the CC to bring that to £500. Payday is a week on Friday.

    Our youngest's NI number has arrived. She said "YAY I'm a citizen". Now all she needs is a job. We have been invited to an awards ceremony at the cathedral tomorrow as she is to receive an award. She is getting best in class in her film studies A level.

    I have an impromptu week off next week. I think I'll book in a few days work just to keep Decembers pay happier.
    Mortgage restart June 2018 £119950Re mortgage August 19 £110470, … Mortgage November 22 £85600 final 0% CC 3300Home renovations - £65000, mid 2018 - mid 2022
  • Moneyfordreams
    oh well I'm in the bad books again. Probably because I can't make a decision lately. Should we move house or should we stay put?

    Financially it's better to move. I want to knock £40k to £50k off the mortgage. This will still give us the same mortgage payments for the next ten years, but it will mean I don't HAVE to overpay to reach the 10 year retirement window. My friends house will go on the market in the new year and its the right house/price/area etc. She's already moved into her new home. I have 1st refusal on her property.

    We have had our house up for sale for 12 months of the last 14 months (took it off/ change of agent). I've accepted viewing tonight.

    OH grumbling about not wanting to move. Airbnb in place, plans to get basement sorted in the new year and then get longer term lodger again. I have had to have the talk again about finances, no blame, just fact. I don't want to be a martyr but it's hard to work OT constantly and keep salary as high as it can be. Reducing the mortgage by the above amounts will negate some of the losses. It will make our lives more comfortable. This house has been a weight around my neck since we moved here. I only decided I liked it when I thought I was losing it.

    Practically tonight's viewing is awkward as I'm in work until 7pm and OH is at a funeral. Therefore my sister has kindly offered to do the viewing. As OH works nights and is asleep now he will hoover and tidy bedroom when he wakes. I better get a move on and polish bathroom before I leave for work. Kitchen done earlier My sister will check everything later.
    Mortgage restart June 2018 £119950Re mortgage August 19 £110470, … Mortgage November 22 £85600 final 0% CC 3300Home renovations - £65000, mid 2018 - mid 2022
  • Moneyfordreams
    House viewers came for a second view. They asked about "the dosh". I was honest. I told them I would negotiate but wasn't prepared to drop more than 10k realistically and it would be dependant on our next house price whether we could drop a bit more.

    That was 2 days ago, so I doubt we'll be hearing from them again.

    So better get the half done jobs complete. New radiator ordered £115 (this was £145 a few months ago). kitchen is too cold now. We need tile trims for the bathroom. I keep taking the trims back and changing my mind. We also need some paint. We stripped the wallpaper off the chimney breasts a few weeks ago in the living room. So I'm on the hunt for a gentle warm tone. The duck egg/ice blue grey of our cushions may just be too cold a colour.

    All in all this should come to less that £180. I've used some of the xmas savings as I only have about £150 left to shell out other than food.

    I used the weekends Airbnb pay out for new bedding as this week we have 3 separate bookings back to back. Also couple at the weekend wanted to use the printer for their boarding cards. I had to go and buy ink.

    Oh well.... speculate to accumulate
    Mortgage restart June 2018 £119950Re mortgage August 19 £110470, … Mortgage November 22 £85600 final 0% CC 3300Home renovations - £65000, mid 2018 - mid 2022
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